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Setting Up a Drip Irrigation System From a Drip Kit

Dripping irrigation is cost effective and required in some areas where water is scarce. For arid climates where water can evaporate into the air, drip systems are also effective and useful.

To make it easier to install a drip watering system for your lawn or garden, you can use a drip system kit. Drip irrigation kits make it simple to have a micro irrigation system for your garden and plant areas.

Drip kits usually include drip irrigation line, tubing stakes, tube fittings and water emitters. Generally, supply line is needed in addition to what comes in drip kits.

Drip tubing comes in various lengths and sizes. From 50 to 100 feet in length and one quarter inch to half an inch in diameter, you can easily customize your water drip system to meet your garden’s unique watering needs.

For your sprinkler drip line, you may want a tube cutter and punch gun to cut tubing to desired length and to punch holes where water drippers will go. Some dripper irrigation kits come with soaker tubing that releases water from pores while some drip kits come with drip tube that has pre-drilled holes for quick installation and use.

You will also find tube stakes in many irrigation drip kits. These are sometimes called loop stakes. They are used to securely fasten drip line to the ground. Tubing stakes may be made of metal or plastic and are extremely useful.

Drip irrigation kits have many different tube fittings as well. These are used to adapt irrigation drip tube to hose faucets and to attach additional micro drip line.

In addition to adapters and connectors, barb couplings and fittings are used to attach micro sprayers and sprinklers to drip tubing. You may also find in some drip irrigation kits that there are end caps and elbow fittings to further allow you to customize your drip water system.

You may need extra tube fittings and adapters than what comes in some drip kits. You will also find that dripper irrigation system kits include water emitters, drippers or micro sprinklers to install.

Drip sprinklers allow you to save up to 70 percent in overall water usage. They are easy to connect to drip line with barbed couplers and some water drippers have barbed ends built in for simple attachment.

Building a drip irrigation system can be simple with an Orbit drip system kit. There benefits of using drip irrigation over a conventional sprinkler system are endless.

You can enjoy beautiful plants and flowers without spending a lot of money with Orbit’s drip kits. Having a micro sprinkler system is ideal for saving money and conserving water while keeping plants and vegetables healthy and lush.

Dripper irrigation systems are easy to set up and operate using Orbit drip watering parts.

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