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Seven Tips for Short Hair Girls to Fashion

If you are a girl with short hair, how to make yourself look fashion and style?
Look at the super stars and see how they do with it. From Rihanna to Victoria, and Agyness Deyn are known for their fashion and sexy hair style. Recently, even the classic sex goddess Scarlett Johansson has cut wave Bob head of short hair.

The little boy Ultra
Stars with short hair, such as Rihanna, Agyness Deyn, Victoria Beckhanm, and Marley Shelton, are really sexy. These hair styles are capable simple, it will not be a burden, so is particularly suitable for small – size girl. In addition, the little boy hairstyle is suitable for all face and hair, especially a slip face and curly hair.

People like Bob because it can make them look more intelligent and sexy. For example, Katie Holmes, Hayden Panettiere, Mariska Hargitay and Heidi Klum, Bob people can attract other’s attention to the neck, collarbone where wear jewelry. Bob is suitable for girls with a round face, straight and wave of medium length is not curls. Scarlett Johansson has recent transferred her hair style into Bob of medium length wave.

How to achieve compliant hair
To short hair, the smoother and compliant, the better. Semi – dry hair spray of nutrient water to hair. To use the dryer to dry the hair 90% dry then have it naturally dried. Don’t use the hair dryer until totally dry, because it can easily lead to defiant. The best choice of anion hair dryer, to help appease the defiant, makes the smooth shining quality.

Using hair dryer
Use the dryer to fringe of down. It can help to make the hair soft and make face contour and prevent hair is too over-expansion.

Blowing hair partition easier, and Sharon in the barber is how you? Hairs bundle to the upper head, hair dry lower. Then dry the hairs of the top of head. You can do this when you are at home. Otherwise you’ll find hair was very dry the surface, but there was still very wet. Dried hairy roots, blowing hair, or let the hair dried naturally, the hair dryer damage to a minimum. Cylinder away from blowing hair is about 15 cm, avoid encountering hair, too near will lead to heat injury.

Hairdressing tools scaled down
You cannot use the hairdressing tools used for long hair. Their size is not suitable for your hair. Buy a circular comb of size of lipstick diameter. The small circular comb is particularly suitable for combing short hair. It can help you comb your hair to straight, and help to build any hairstyle you want.

If your hair or some fringe of hair is too long, you can try to put them side. Volumes of the hairs contrast on both sides as far as possible, and use the finger pork to tripe viscosity of some moistening hair cream. Then put the fingers through the fringe card, can create a natural result.

To the front
If you do not love to put your hair side, you can try to fringe of hair head to the front. It will make eyes hide behind fringe loom, and look beautiful.

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