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Sheet Metal Stamping Process

A sheet metal stamping press works by cutting a metal into specific shapes and designs. The metal is not cut in the normal sense of the word. Instead a sheet metal stamping press uses an assortment of dies to shape metals for different manufacturing needs.

Sheet metal stamping dies serve an assortment of design needs. The dies can shear, piece, coin, emboss, blend and form, just to name a few of dozens of tasks. Their versatility allows manufacturers to adapt and serve a variety of client needs. For instance, a high-speed press produces quick, precise sheet metal designs for day-to-day distribution.

Many users associate the sheet metal stamping process with the newspaper industry. The print newspaper industry uses sheet metal, also known as “plates”, that are died to create newspaper size metal plates that are then used to print newspapers. Even larger sheet metal presses are sometimes used by automobile manufacturers.

Larger companies will utilize multiple presses to expedite projects and serve more clients. These presses work together using a computer logic board. The board instructs a feeder on when to disperse metal to the die. Once dispersed, the die completes the project.

Computer aided technologies will only bring more efficiency and accuracy to sheet metal stamping presses in the future. The technology crafts designs and guides the presses while reducing errors, predicting problems and providing solutions.

The modern sheet metal stamping process is simple. The computer-controlled feeders start the process. Then a die is attached, using a clamp, to a bolster plate. The bolster plate, acting as a foundation, is a sizable piece of metal that stabilizes the process. A separate piece of metal, a ram, is attached to the die. As the device moves, the designs and shapes are created in the sheet metal.

Sheet metal stamping presses comes into two primary styles. Much like general stamping presses, a sheet metal stamping press can be controlled by mechanics or hydraulics. The latter of which performs the tasks using hydraulic cylinders to control the sheet metal stamping press. Mechanical presses can come with multiple rams, allowing for expedited project times, making them ideal for large-scale press shops that serve a variety of industries. Mechanical presses remain the most common form in most industry.

Manufacturers across the world require the advanced precision of sheet metal stamping presses. Sheet metal stamping presses play roles in all parts of peoples lives, making them an essential service. From the automobiles people drive to the airplanes they ride in, sheet metal stamping presses played a part. From the lamps in homes to the electric outlets that power TVs and computers and even in the computers themselves the sheet metal stamping process is at work.

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