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Show Up Your Beauty with Confidence

Every girl wants to be more confident and more beautiful. Feeling good can make a person’s face lights up, and can give off attractive charm of you inside out.

Many studies show that smile can adjust your mind and your emotion, even though you are pretending to. It will make you feel secure and relax. If you don’t know how to mile (some people have such problem), we have this tip for you. To bite a pencil horizontally can help you to imitate the muscle moves like smiling. You can have a try to see whether it will do.

Embrace praises from others
If someone praises you, all you have to do is to give back big smile and say thank you. You don’t have to be modest or explain for something. Receiving praises can make you happy.

Stop nagging
When people lack of self – confidence, they tend to consider all simple things complicated. “Should I do it? Should I do?” or “Is this the right thing to do?” Stop nagging and get down to make a decision will make you feel stronger and feel the sense of achievement.

Keep healthy and make yourself look better
There are 4 area that will reveal the secret of age, which are the corner, outside the eye, nose on both sides, both sides of the mouth. Take proper health care to your body will make you look better.

Keep learning
Learning a new language, learning new recipe, or other things that you think can promote yourself in the spare time. As you are more skillful about them, you will be more confident. Keep learning can make your life a little different.

Do some yoga
Yoga is an ancient practice of stretching and breathing techniques, which can incorporate stretches and meditation. It can fight stress and stiffness. You can build up your bodies and prolong lives by this kind of actions of yoga.

Stop saying sorry but keep making self-examination introspect
Try to keep a day without saying “I’m sorry” to others, although sometimes it is of some manners. People say sorry when they feel unsecure. By stopping saying sorry to others can improve your self-confirmation. Keep introspecting can make a person accept herself better. Take a seat and put your attention to your breather. Stay calm and think something about yourself or the person you want to be. 5 minutes every day will be ok.

Encourage yourself frequently
Make a dream board or something that reminds what you like and what you need. Then set up small goals that easy to achieve in everyday instead of big goals. Or you can list out what you have done instead of things that are to be done will give you the sense of achievement, which can make you confident to keep going.

Try your best to do some exercise until sweat
The feeling of ache cause by doing sports can make people feel more powerful. And when a person is exhausted, she will feel better. Keep doing sports, even once a week, will make you feel more vigor of the body.

Be positive
By feeling that you cannot do something will make you really can’t. Instead, you should learn to hypnotize yourself by thinking that you really want to learn a new language and regain piano practice. It will make your process of doing it more interesting and effective.

Remember the good thing
Recall the memories of praises from others and good things from the past feel weeks and record them, so that you can read them while you fall into the emotion of self-doubt.

Change your style
Change your hairstyle or the dress style, or even only change the color of your hair will make difference. Some studies from the cosmetic company show that when women see their new confident images, they would adjust their manners to make their appearance and their behaviors match better.

Talk with people and keep eye contact with them
Talk to strangers. No matter while you are in the café, on the plane, or waiting in the admission contingent, impressing others can bring you more confidence. And the really confident people like to look straight into eyes of people who they are talking with. If others cannot find any secure from your words and deeds, they will find your fears. But what do you fear?

Believe that you cannot do everything
Actually nobody can do everything. When you need other’s help, ask for help. When you can help, just give a hand, if helping others can make you happy. And the good you find in others, is in you too.

Be a volunteer
Many researches suggest that being volunteer frequently can make people feel better to themselves.

Tide up your purse and do some personal financial plans
Tide up your purse weekly, to put the receipt cards, waste papers in order will make you feel your life is under control. And there are many personal financial programs on internet available for people to arrange their financial plan easily.

Accept the person who you are, and become person you want to be.

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