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Silver Coins: An uncomplicated International Financial investment Option

Investment preferences of a man have shown a pretty good response on the gold and silver items to get an advanced return in future. Also gold is considered to be the unique metal in considering the international value standards. It is in view of this fact, there are some companies existing in the international gold trade and investments.

Safe and secure international bullion storage in the form of gold and silver is the latest investment trend of people where you can keep your investments outside your bank. If you wish to open a bullion storage account, the bullion dealer AU Trading LCC is able to provide you the same. Instead of gold, you can buy silver coins and bars from them for investing on the same. American Eagle Coin is one of the main items preferred for investments by the clients. In United States, AU Trading is accepting a minimum order worth 100 USD. You are able to make them payment to their account with Bank of America either though check or wire payment. They ensure that no commission or additional fees are associated with the purchase. The international orders are also delivered by them within 7 to 21 days of time span to reach your items.

Opening an account is as easy for the clients as they can easily register with them online and avail a username and password. This will enable them to track their order history, shipment etc. There are no sales tax too connected with this silver bullion sale. While shipping, you can get a tracking number and Lloyds of London is ensuring the transit insurance for your goods. The 24 hour in a week open customer service department is able to make your orders done. You may either make it by phone or through online as per your convenience. Apart from the purchase orders, the cancellation of orders is also possible with them by making additional charges of 5% as the cancellation fee. Apart from buying silver and American Eagle Coin, they do support the buyback option also so that customers are able to resell it.

Their American Eagle 1 Ounce silver coin is about 31.11 grams at a price of 30.62 US Dollars. Another 1 ounce silver coin type with year of your choice is having the same weight at a price of 30.47 US Dollars. There also various qualities with weight are available with AU Trading according to the customer choices. You can select your most suitable coin from their online store and order the same from their website. Different types of gold and silver coins as well bars too are available to pick from their store. All these can make your investment strategy in to new levels the bullion purchase.

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