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Simple Introduction about Norwegian Furniture and Swedish Furniture

Have you seen the Norwegian furniture in the market? If so, you would find that almost all the Norwegian furniture have their own individuality, just like the amazed mountains and mystical fjords in the Norway. In fact, it is the remarkable feature of Norwegian furniture, which is full of the heavy and rustic temperament. furniture designers in Norway always have the unique originality. For example, they fully make use of the molding board and metal, as a result, it brings the unexpected effect for people, along with the strengthen Norwegian furniture style. As usual, the Norwegian furniture style can be divided into two categories, the first class is the exported furniture, which can be considered as the outstanding furniture products because of the top quality raw material and fine workmanship. The other class is the folk art style furniture which respects for the nature and is full of the Nordic country’s flavor.

Believe it or not, the furniture design of different Nordic countries have their own features. As for the characteristics of Swedish furniture, it is the perfect combination of elegant and modern. Do you still remember that once with the Sweden’s modern style, the Matteson chair which is named with the designer name Matteson was the hot selling products at that time, and even affect the furniture market in the Southeast Asia. Different with the Danish furniture, the Swedish style furniture are not paid more attention on the individuality, but also focus more on the research and development of popular furniture with fine workmanship and high market popularity. However, sometimes the Swedish furniture are affected by the Danish style furniture, for example, they always make use of famous and precious wooden materials such as teak, rosewood and other to manufacture the high-end furniture. In the Swedish furniture traditional design, they are more likely to manufacture furniture with pine and white birch as raw material. As for the design style, it is easy to find the stacked structure furniture with clear lines.

In addition to the Norwegian furniture and Swedish furniture introduced in article above, the Nordic furniture can really be considered as the unique landscape in the furniture field all over the world. What’s more, nowadays it is common to find these Nordic furniture and it is no accident. As for the reason, maybe the Nordic furniture already represents a kind of fashion and makes people return to the nature. Along with the practical function and elegant design, it is the tendency in the modern city life.

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