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Some Places You Should Avoid When Planning For A Trip

Visiting a a foreign country is exciting for a lot of people. However, all the fun can turn into dread if you are faced with security concerns and life-threatening inconveniences. When planning for your next trip, you need to know what places you should avoid. Take a look at state’s recommendation with regard to countries that you can safely travel to and those places that might put you in some amount of danger.

Mexico is a country that has experienced an increasing trouble with drug cartels. Security of foreigners and tourists in some areas of the country may be put at risk. If you are coming from the US, the region that encloses the US border is one of the most critical places that you’ll want to avoid. Kidnapping, shooting, and highway robbery are some of the most common criminal offenses that are happening in the region. There are government initiatives that strive to handle these malefactors. However, these actions may also be part of the reasons why travelers are advised against travelling to this country.

For a while now, political unrest has put Syria under travel alerts of different countries of the world. Non-residents who are currently within the area should go away as soon as possible. The degree of violence have increased not to mention that the security situation of residents has gotten worse.

Drug dealers and terrorist groups are highly visible in most areas of Columbia. Rural parts and also urban centers might be at risk from assaults of these groups. Notwithstanding the fact that the security situation has improved recently, there are still restrictions that ought to be adhered to by travelers.

Non-essential visit to Yemen must also be avoided. In the recent years, there has been an increase in the incidence of terrorist activities in major cities of this country. Suicide bombings and similar incidents have transpired in the past and might occur again anytime due to enemy activities.

The Darfur area in the nation of Sudan has been avoided by travelers for quite a time now. Actually, travelers in this part of the world are advised against visiting the place if they have no essential business there. Westerners have become the focus of violent crimes in the recent past. The terrorist groups’ presence can be tremendously felt in the area.

Armed rebel groups have taken control of the Central African Republic area and also have posed a great risk to vacationers. Extreme caution should be taken when visiting this country as the government has been unable to handle the presence of rebel groups. The only place which can be considered safe enough for travelers is CAR’s capital, which is Bangui.

Pakistan and its western border have also been put under travel alert lists. There have been threats to the lives of foreigners who want to get into the area. The areas where travelers as well as foreigners are accommodated have become targets of the different enemy groups operating in the country.

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