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Some Things To Know About Family Survival Kits

A collection of basic individual security devices are now available as family and home security kits. They are also referred to as safety, self-defense, or survival kits. These type kits are designed to give you non-lethal alternatives for home, property and personal protection. Safety kits can give you and your loved ones the ability to defend yourselves against an attacker who may be bent on causing damage to your personal belongings or even threaten lives.

If you happen to live in an area where weapons such knives and guns are illegal or restricted, you can take advantage of the protection offered by the self-defense devices included in family self-defense survival kits. They will afford you the capability to seize control of a dangerous situation in a breaking and entering or personal assault. Having such non-lethal devices on hand will help you feel more confident and secure about your safety as they will enable you to turn the tide in your favor should a life-threatening situation occur.

There are a variety of self-defense kits available on the market, which are made up with an assortment of staple security items depending on the purpose of the particular kit. They may contain various non-lethal devices, such as pepper sprays, stun guns and personal alarms designed to help you ward off an attacker. Family survival kits are specifically structured for home and family defense. Anyone can take advantage of the safety afforded by one of these kits which were developed with families and home protection in mind.

Self-defense survival kits include OC pepper spray which you can take with you in your purse, backpack, or on your person. You use pepper spray to spray a stream or mist of nontoxic chemical called Oleoresin Capsicum commonly found in hot pepper plants. Pepper spray will irritate the lungs, eyes, and skin of any attacker at the press of a button. When the concentrated, highly potent spray comes into contact with the skin or mucous membrane of an attacker, it will render your assailant debilitated by pain and irritation in the lungs, nasal passages, and eyes. Another type is the pepper spray home fogger which is built as the heavy-duty version of the personal pepper spray canister. A fogger will emit a fine mist of the same caustic chemicals. An advantage of a pepper spray fogger is that it will debilitate a gang of attackers who may try to overpower you inside your home or office. Because it releases a layer of fog that quickly spreads through out the area you don’t have to be as accurate in your aim. The kit also comes with a stun device that sends a 200,000-volt jolt of electricity, enough to disable even the largest of attackers in an instant by short-circuiting his nervous system for a short period of time. Someof these come with personal alarms, which are safety devices that emit a shrill, piercing sound at loud volume to help draw attention and deter further attack.

Some survival kits come with safety guides, which are pieces of product-related literature that teach you how to use the kit to thwart or prevent attack in many situations. These guides cover topics such as safe dating practices, basic self-defense techniques, travel safety, and domestic and sexual assault. These primers are designed to work hand-in-hand and complement the proper use of the implements included in your safety kits.

Invest in you and your family’s safety during these dangerous times with a self-defense kit. Crime occurs surprisingly often in the United States, with assault once every couple of minutes, and robbery once per sixty seconds, for example. Make sure that you balance the odds in your favor with safety and security kits.

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