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St. Louis Realtors – what you need to know

We know it is very important to choose a great St. Louis Realtor if you plan to buy or sell real estate in St. Louis. And therefore we shall make an effort to inform ourselves about the Realtors so that we can choose one well. However what information about the St. Louis real estate agents will help us make the right decision? One cannot simply ask how good are they. You need to get facts based on their performance till date so that you can know what to expect and make a decision accordingly.

For this you need to get certain specific information. First you need to know how long the Realtor has been in the business. You should prefer to work with someone with adequate experience. Then you also should find out which are the neighborhoods that the St. Louis Realtor covers. Local knowledge is important and you should choose one who specializes in the neighborhood of interest to you. You should also look to find out how many homes has the agent sold. That will give you an idea of the agent to be able to deliver results for the clients. If you have a special requirement such as a short sale then you should find out if the St. Louis Realtor has the relevant experience.

Of course there is more information that you should know about the Realtor but before we add to the list you may ask where can you get this information. And even if you can get this information how can you be sure to trust it. The answer to that is quite simple, you can get the information online where it is available for free. And the information is based on customer feedback and so is quite reliable. In fact the information is quite detailed and you can know the customer satisfaction rating of the St. Louis real estate agent and also if the agent has won awards or accolades. Once you have got quality information with you, you can easily make a confident decision and look to get a great deal. You can know more at

Chuck Harris is the founder of Agents Ranking; a Minnesota company that helps home buyers & sellers throughout Minnesota connect with the best real estate agent for their particular needs. It provides a unique free consulting service to those who want the best Missouri REALTOR® possible. Know more about St. Louis Realtors at