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Starting A Home Based Internet Business – Success Depends On Quality

You decide to go on with starting a home based internet business. This is the first step to your professional and financial success, it is true. As in every business, doing it right the first time is one of the most important pointers to success. In order to do it right the first time – you have to know what is right first.

When online, you will attract people who surf on the Net and these people are quite different in pleasing from those who would walk into your office or shop. That is the difference between starting a home based internet business and an ordinary business. There are a few irritants that you should avoid at all costs in order to keep and convert your visitors into customers who stay with you for life. Beware of:

1. Slow websites: People who surf will give your ad, website or link about 7 to 10 seconds. This is all the time you have to create an impression. Hence, you need your website to be not only extremely well organized, but also user friendly. Starting a home based internet business will be a cinch if the website is fast and user-friendly.

2. Unreliable server uptime of your website: There is no faster killer for an online business than an unreliable website. If the website conks off or gets blocked when the surfer looks around; if the website gets reset or shuts down in the middle of financial transactions; if links are not working properly or re-direction go haywire you will lose customers. The key to success when starting a home based internet business is to have a highly reliable website with least possible hick-ups.

3. Automated replies: Today the computer age has given the websites the possibility to automatically reply to queries and orders. However, customers are not computers, but humans – and human still prefer to “talk” to humans even if they are on the net. Automated replies are many times a turn off. Instead, when starting a home based internet business; keep in mind to personalize your answers as much as it is possible. There are tremendous returns with this policy.

4. Incomplete replies: Another major put off to remember when starting a home based internet business, is to have incomplete answers or answers which do not actually redress the problem. You will have to ensure that customer service is excellent. When the customer asks something – however insignificant and idiotic – reply and reply properly so that the customer understands and is satisfied with your answer.

5. Insecure payment options: Starting a home based internet business will definitely need that you have a secure way to receive and send payments over the net. There are a number of standard ways to do so (Verisign being one of them) and you should ensure that the payment transaction is totally encrypted and secure so it does not get hacked by others on the net. If the customer feels that your website does not give the necessary security, he will not proceed with the purchase order.

When you think of starting a home based internet business, make sure you avoid these pitfalls and welcome your success with open arms!

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