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Staying Ahead Of Costly Repairs

After investing in a home for their family the last thing a buyer wants to hear is that they need to put on a new roof. Because the roof is the single most important thing that protects the entire home it should be built to last. With many materials manufacturers the products that are used by roofing contractors are guaranteed for 20 years, however through damage to the shingles or tiles a roof may need to be treated sooner than that. For many homeowners that have bought resale properties, (meaning not newly constructed houses) the inspection process helps them to know whether or not a roof will hold up to the elements. With a home that is 15 years old or more the likelihood that the roof will need some repair is almost a given.

As homes are exposed to the constantly changing weather conditions that bring the sun wind and rain, many roofs are decaying and damaged by the elements that they are keeping out of the home. If shingles or tiles are missing from a roof the homeowner may see small leaks inside their home. With warped, cracked or bulging shingles there is a possibility that the roof has water damage between the shingles and the moisture barrier that is designed to keep rain water out of the house. A leaking roof is a serious issue that requires immediate attention from the moment that a troublesome drip is detected. When water has penetrated the resistant barrier of the roof it can trickle into the rafters and soak through the insulation before making its way down the walls or dripping into the home from the ceiling. At the first signs of a leak homeowners are urged to contact a roofing contractor. By calling a roofing contractor, Oakland residents can have the leak assessed to determine the extent of the damage to the attic and house.

By visually inspecting the exterior of the home and looking for the tell tale signs of wear or damage Oakland homeowners can have their minor issues treated by a roofing repair contractor and avoid the more costly replacement of the entire roof down the road. Of course after being in the home for fifteen years or more it may be time to take a closer look at the entire structure of the home and determine if a new roof is needed to keep the elements at bay. By working with a licensed roofing contractor, Oakland residents can protect their largest investment and make sure that it will keep them safe and dry for many years to come.

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