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Studies of Crystallization Solutions in The Magnetic Field

Crystallization is a complex multi-phase mass transfer involving heat transfer, momentum transfer and reaction process, as separation and purification methods of inorganic and organic matter, its theory and crystal technology has been developed. Crystallization is an important chemical unit operation, is an interdisciplinary separation and production technologies, 20 years in the international arena has made some progress.

Magnetic field is a field with a special energy. This energy function can change in the material microstructure, which affect the physical and chemical properties of substances. Solution by the magnetic field, the molecular barrier, molecular cohesion of change would inevitably lead to the macroscopic nature of the fluid changes, which affect the solution of the crystallization process.

Donaldson and so a magnetic field on the crystallization of water, studies show that magnetic water treatment increased the size of crystalline particles, the total sediment reduction.

Lauren studied the process of evaporation and crystallization As2O3 magnetic effect, magnetic effect of the solution crystallization process of evaporation rate of 5% to 10% of the crystal structure and chemical composition of As2O3 had no effect on the impact of particle size depends on aging process.

Savannah and so a magnetic field on the crystallization of sodium carbonate, found in a certain magnetic field, the solution of the nucleation rate and crystal growth rate has greatly improved, the presence of sodium bicarbonate crystals in a magnetic field Kinetic studies have shown that the magnetization in the appropriate conditions, the average crystal size increased 10% to 30%, crystal formation increased by 20% -200%.

In the study also found that after a certain field of permanent magnetic field by adding a certain amount of methanol in the 666 powder, immediately generating crystal, while the 666 will be equivalent to not by the magnetic powder handling the same amount of methanol, then completely dissolved and no crystals appear.

Hunter’s sugar solution for applications such as magnetic field to improve the speed of some of the sugar crystal static and dynamic test and group results and theoretical analysis show that the viscosity of sugar solution decreased by magnetized, the magnetic field on the crystallization of sucrose may Build the role of hydrogen bonding of the atom cloud can change the direction and strength of hydrogen bonds, thus affecting the crystallization process. And pointed out that the use of magnetic field on the role of sucrose crystallization process, further study can be applied to actual production in order to enhance the crystallization rate and increase sugar production.

Microwave is a frequency electromagnetic waves in the 300MHz ~ 300GHz, are volatile, and high-frequency, thermal properties and non-thermal characteristics of four major characteristics. Polar molecules with microwave on the role of substances, can produce rapid increases in temperature thermal effects, so that diffusion coefficient increases, microwave, solid surface can also have some micro-film, “disturbance” to make it thinner, reduce the resistance by the diffusion process. The role of microwave performance of the crystallization solution to promote crystallization rate in the one hand, speed up, increasing the crystallization rate of sediment generation, chemical reaction rate increases.

Cadmium sulfide nano-particles and the crystallization rate of bismuth nanorods, the microwave distribution of changes over time will help to improve the microwave irradiation of CdS nanoparticles and nanorods of bismuth sulfide crystallinity; as traveling wave microwave radiation safety, effective and fast, which for the preparation of inorganic nano-materials is more effective. Microwave radiation method can not only supply energy to ensure that the over saturation of crystal growth, and the microwave frequency alternating electric field is also conducive to the spread of sugar molecules, thereby enhancing crystal growth rate.

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