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Take A Combined Approach To Boost Targeted Website Traffic

Regarding online marketing, most Internet marketers make one of two mammoth mistakes. They either fail to diversify enough, or they go overboard with too many different activities they fail to engage in for the long haul. If you make one of these two mistakes, your business is risk for failure. In both cases, you won’t be able to continually generate the guaranteed website traffic you need to succeed online.

Why is it important to “mix up” or diversify the online marketing techniques you rely on? Think of using only one or two marketing techniques as putting all your eggs in a single basket. It’s a risky way to approach trying to increase web site traffic, to say the least. What if the marketing strategy you’re relying exclusively on some day ceases to bring targeted web site traffic? It’s possible the drop in traffic will kill your online business as it kills your web site’s traffic.

There’s a second problem with neglecting to diversify your marketing strategies on the Internet. You’ll miss out on a whole host of ways to potentially reach more members of your targeted market.

Imagine you choose to focus on article marketing and don’t bother with much else. Certainly, some people in your targeted market read articles online, but do all of them? Do even most of them? It’s unlikely.

What about the ones in your targeted market that would rather receive newsletters or special offers by email? What about those members in your targeted market who’ve recently started spending hours at a time at social networking sites lately?

When you limit the kinds of marketing strategies you use, you restrict the number of ways you can reach your target market. Along the way, you completely miss the boat with many opportunities to increase targeted website traffic.

If failure to diversify your marketing efforts online is bad, failing to sustain any efforts in the long term is even worse.

The thing practically all marketing strategies have in common is that they take time to work, and that requires patience. If you join a safe list group, send out two emails a week for two weeks and then move on to something else, you’re wasting your time and effort. The same is true if you write two or three articles and submit them to article directories and then give up.

Whatever Internet marketing activity you choose to engage in, make sure you give yourself at least 3 to 4 months of consistent activity before you decide whether or not it works. It takes at least this long for nearly all marketing activities to start to increase website traffic and sales.

to generate guaranteed web site traffic long term. Invest in both paid and free marketing activities. One way to decide which marketing activities to invest in is to try out free trial offers or versions first, then see what sort of a response you get.

Say you join a safe list site and over several months as a free member, you’re getting very good response rates. Doesn’t it make sense to go for the upgrade and benefit from even better results? If free safe list marketing is good, signing on with a paid membership will probably bring you even better results, including an increase in website traffic and more sales.

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