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Tallest Building On Earth

Modern technology has shaped our world. From the tools that we use in our everyday lives to the buildings that we spend our time in, technology has a very large impact on who we are and what we do.

It is not often that we slow down to take the time to recognize the wonders of what man has made on this Earth. One of the most awe inspiring creations of man is the Burj Khalifa.

This tower is located in Dubai and is the tallest building in the world. The building is breaking records all around the world.

The building stands at 800 meters or 2625 feet. There are over 160 stories housed within this building.

This not only makes Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world but also the tallest free-standing structure in the world. This building has highest number of stories and the highest occupied floor in the world.

The elevators have the longest travel distance in world and the service elevator is the longest in the world. The observatory deck is the highest deck in the world.

The excavation on this site started in January of 2004. The official launch ceremony celebrating the opening of the building was held in January of 2010.

The construction on this building was monumental. When the building was complete the construction process used 331,000 m3 of concrete and 39,000 tons of steel rebar.

22 million man-hours went into this building process. There were more than 380 skilled engineers and on-site technicians working on this building.

There were many people that were skeptical about how the building would support itself. The architects and engineers did extensive geotechnical and seismic studies to assure that the building would be very safe.

The base mat for the building is 3.7 meters thick. Sheer size made it impossible to only do one pouring of concrete but instead there were four separate pouring.

The total amount of concrete used in just the mat was 12,500 cubic meters. They also took the time and energy to account for corrosive chemicals in the ground water by installing a cathodic protection system under the mat.

Every 30 floors there are mechanical floors that house the electrical sub-stations, water tanks and pumps, air handling units and so forth. These floors are what enable the rest of the tower to function properly.

The maintenance floors are also necessary for the comfort of the residents. Keeping the residents in mind, the building also has a specialized fire safety plan.

It is not plausible to assume that the men and women in the tallest building in the world would be able to run down all of those flights of stairs in the case of an emergency. About every 25 floors there are pressurized, air-conditioned refuge areas.

The service elevator can carry 5,500 kg. This will enable many firefighters and all of their equipment to go fit into one elevator to put out any fire that might occur.

The mechanical and electrical systems in the building are very demanding. Dubai has a hot and humid climate and that makes cooling the monstrous building all the more difficult.

The building requires around 10,000 tons of cooling. When the tower is at its peak electrical demand it will use 36 million Watts.

The building is already attracting many tourists. When a tourist comes to visit the building they are first greeted at a reception area.

They will then start the tour of the tallest building in the world. The tour will begin in the mall that was built into the first level.

After watching a multi-media introduction to the building you will start your ascent to the observation desk. The elevator that takes you up the building travels at 10 meters per second.

When the doors to the elevator open you will immediately be presented with a breath-taking view. The walls of the observation deck are floor to ceiling glass and give you a view of the city, desert and ocean.

If you are feeling brave you can also step out onto the balcony and look out on the city of Dubai. You can linger in the observation deck as long as you please.

This building is truly a man-made wonder. It would not have been possible without the ingenuity of men, heavy machinery and time.

The ability that we have as human beings to create such wonderful buildings can be attributed to the heavy machinery we have developed. Plate rolls are a prime example of machines that enable buildings like this to be erected.

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