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Teaching English Abroad

Teaching abroad can be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience. If you are a language teacher – especially English, then there are plenty of opportunities available to you.

You can apply to teach in China, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam or even some of the European countries. As an English teacher, it would probably add a lot of value to your curriculum vitae if you have experience teaching abroad. So you should seriously consider teaching English in China, for example.

But first make sure you have TEFL certification, so that you can apply for TEFL teaching jobs. These are credible organisations/institutions, therefore you won’t have to worry too much. Furthermore, TEFL has become a pre – hiring criteria for English teachers in most countries.

It will also be extremely helpful to you both professionally and personally if you spoke the local language as well, when you are teaching abroad. So spend some time learning it, it will add further value to your professional qualifications. Furthermore, teaching abroad, is almost like a paid vacation. You get to live in a foreign location and visit all the tourist destinations during your free time.

But you also need to be aware of the local culture and ensure that when you teaching English, the examples you quote do not over step any cultural boundaries. So once you have selected the destination for your teaching adventure, make sure you learn about the dos and don’ts of the local culture and city in which you will be staying.

When you teach abroad, you get the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn more about the heritage and history of that country. You might even be able to document your first hand experiences on a blog and share it.

So if you are an English language specialist, explore your options abroad in schools and companies. If teaching at a school doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of multinational organisations looking for English language trainers. But before you take up your teaching position abroad, you need to make sure that you keep an open mind.

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