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Teens Can Expect Shock With First Car Insurance Quotes

The most important day of any teenager’s life may just happen to be the one when passing the driving test. Possession of that license signifies freedom and a rite of passage to adulthood.

It is an incredible euphoric sensation that permeates the entire body producing a great amount of joy and excitement. This gives most teens that ‘look at me’ attitude exclaiming to the world ‘watch out here I come’!

Although this is an important milestone in the life of any young driver, one that should be noted and even celebrated, this party atmosphere may soon be stained by the realities that face every driver of a motor vehicle. You might even have worked hard at that part-time job saving your money to buy your first car and are now looking forward to getting on the road.

However, one of the most costly investments in your driving life is going to be finding affordable car insurance. Reality may dictate that any insurance quote you receive may be far higher than the price you paid for that first car.

If you are fortunate enough to have parents watching out for your best interest, then they will more than likely explain to you the realities of expecting high car insurance premiums. This is especially true if you’re a young male driver. Statistics indicate that young male drivers are the most reckless and as such have to pay higher insurance.

Therefore, car insurance companies consider young male drivers to be the highest risk and, in fact, many companies refuse to write policies for young male drivers. If not, these same companies will offer ridiculously high premiums in the hopes that you will look elsewhere. Others will just refuse to present you with car insurance quotes.

All young drivers need to realise there are several things that can be done in order to prove to the insurance companies that you’re not such a bad risk. The first thing a young driver must do when considering purchasing a car is to forget about the fast and furious sports cars that gets your adrenaline running. A young driver’s first car should be from the list of the cheapest cars to be insured in the UK. These are typically numbered from 1 to 20, with the higher number being the most expensive to insure.

Determining factors include engine size, parts availability, retail costs and a few others that will weigh in when deciding what car insurance premium are offered. Since a low insurance numbered vehicle is cheaper to buy, more than likely smaller in size and thus less expensive, they should be the typical first choice for any young driver.

Through purchasing a low number category vehicle, young drivers will now have the ability to get the experience and build up no-claims bonuses that can be used at a future date. Additionally, purchasing a low insurance group vehicle will not be overlooked by the insurance company who will consider this to be a responsible action. Upon first renewal, a young driver may be presented with lower car insurance quotes.

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