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Ten Tips of Shoe Care

When it comes to people’ daily wear, shoes have the most close relationship with human being. Shoes not only have the function of protecting people’ feet, but also have the decorative and esthetic features. Then how to take good care of our shoes, there are ten tips can give us some references.

The basic step is: love your shoes and when put on shoes, you should first loosen the laces and then use the shoe horn.

Clear sole and side, use the special leather clean water, because leather shoes cannot be soaked by water. The special clean water can make the shoes with no discoloration and do not yellow.

Clean shoes’ pintuck and surfaces use the cream cleanser instead of toothbrush, because the bristles of toothbrush can scratch cortex. After using the cream cleanser, use a towel to wipe the cream cleanser.

Polish shoes. The professional one is solid shoe polish which has a heavy cream. If the shoes are not polished even, then the brightness of shoes will not equal.

Parch shoes. After polishing shoes, put shoes into sterilizing box for 3 minutes and the temperature should be 50-70℃. The hot air in the sterilizing box can make the shoe cream better soak into the leather. If the shoes are too dirty, then you can parch them first and then polish.

Use a large brush to polish. This can help polish the shoe cream more even and surely the gloss will come out. After doing that, you should use a towel to polish the cream on the surface of shoes.

Wax shoes. The sides and surfaces of shoes should be taken a good care. The shoe wax is liquid, so it can make leather looks glossier. After waxing, shoes are still needed to parch and polish, and make the shoe wax even.

Use a shoes brush to clean shoes with water.

Parch shoes again. This time, the drying of shoes is different from first time. Because, the insides of shoes are wet. You can use a bracing to support the shoes then parch them. The proper temperature should be 50℃. A high temperature will make shoes unglued and 10-15minites can be enough.

The last step is to disinfect. Disinfect shoes directly after parching. This process needs 30-40minutes.

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