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The Accounts of Liu Xiang Selecting Retirement

Because of a sudden increase of Achilles tendon injuries in the preliminaries of the men’s 110 meters hurdles, Liu Xiang failed to finish the match. Liu Xiang fell down on the Olympic Games in London, leaving a lot of regret. Compared with the good performance in former contests; Liu Xiang made a heartbreaking roundabout. He quitted the competition in Beijing Olympic Games and then he return in power again, then once beat down his old opponent Robert, and he even once brought about 12 seconds 87 of the best grades this year, however he tumbled finally. At that movement, some persons supported, and some criticized, and more lashed out at the person. In fact, whether Liu Xiang is a hero or a bear or entertainment star depended on his own division.
If Liu Xiang win over old opponent Robert on Beijing Olympic Games, it will be very nice. How fine if Liu Xiang could create 12 seconds 87 of the world best results in the final in London. Apparently, Liu Xiang completely has the potential to be a hero, yet he has to defeat the large benefit attraction of supporting businesses, to win over own vanity, to win over any form of self inflation. Liu Xiang is really not easy because he has the ability to get the Chinese and the world court Asian breakthrough a hero’s character, but it is undeniable that Liu Xiang also has the shortage. This lack will be re-doubled under multiple amplifier in the front of huge temptation of interests, so that he had to drop out of the Beijing Olympic Games. Such a shortage will also doubled amplification in the strong desire to prove himself and that finally let him down in the London Olympics. We need not to conceal his excellent performance in the Athens Olympics because of his bad show in Beijing Olympic Games and London Olympic Games and we also need not to hide his shortcomings through the glory of Athens Olympics. We need to know a comprehensive Liu Xiang, and give him an objective and accurate evaluation. But Liu Xiang more need a whole knowledge and catch his own fortune so that he do not be controlled by reputation and benefits, and really arrange his own destiny.
Of course people should be confident, but also need to have self-knowledge to be able to conquer yourself, beyond yourself and make his life path brilliant. The biggest rival of Liu Xiang, in fact, is not Robert, but is his own lack of self-knowledge. If Liu Xiang is able to develop a clear self-cultivation system to overcome the shortage of self-knowledge, it is very possible to happen complete change. He would fly back in the game, fly back in life, to make exciting thing in the game, and to achieve a major breakthrough in life, a major victory.
Wish Liu Xiang can be able to fly again to soar in the game. We hope Liu Xiang will have a victory over him and exceed himself to grow to be the controller of his own fate. May more of us can become a people defeating and beyond himself to become ruler of his own.

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