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The Basics of Horse Racing Betting

Since the maximum horse racing wager value is tied to major racing events, this article will focus primarily on how to place bets on popular competitions such as the Breeder’s Cup and Triple Crown races. If you are a serious online horse racing bettor looking for advantageous and profitable horse betting opportunities, then consider sticking with the bigger and more eventful horse races. In the same way that you can find good wager value in highly acclaimed competitions like the Super Bowl, World Series, etc., with important horse racing events you get to improve your horse betting winnings.

In case your primary aim isn’t to make a bundle on the outcome of horse racing, but to experience the thrill of betting and have a great time, then you may probably want to make mostly smaller bets. Moreover, since the aftermath of online horse racing events is difficult to predict, unless you are a pro, there would be no good reason to place sizeable wagers in such cases.

In fact, most important horse racing events are hard to handicap properly, due to the impeccable physical condition and great competitiveness of all horses that enter the competition. Betting on the big horse races takes a lot of experience and a well-trained eye to spot suitable wager options. Should you be wagering an average-level, local track, then there would be less of a balance between contending horses and good choices would be easier to spot. This, however, doesn’t hold true with prominent horse racing events such as Triple Crown races, where each single horse has an impressive pedigree and is bred to be a winner.

As some of you may already know, horse racing betting involves three basic types of wagers: win, place, and show. Betting to win means that you only collect if your selected horse claims first place in the race, while fructifying a wager made on a horse to place is slightly safer, as it requires the horse you pick to finish either first or second. Opting for a show wager is the safest and most forgiving horse betting variant of the three, as you collect even if your pick places third.

Obviously, aiming for the bigger prizes involves taking higher risks, which means the payout will be more substantial on a horse to win or place compared to the third option in the bunch. However, in some rare cases, you may come across show payoffs that are more profitable than the place option, but this is generally dependent by the presence of a strong favorite in the competition.

Although numerous horse racing authors favor and preach the betting to win approach with both offline and online horse racing bookies, the truth is there is no “only way” to successful horse betting. Yes, betting to win welcomes bettors with the most profitable betting options, but also requires a higher level of experience with horse betting. On the other hand, betting to place and show are great options for starting your horse racing endeavors, as they are safer and less challenging. To sum it all up, if you are playing mostly for entertainment purposes or are a newcomer to the world of horse racing betting, consider opting for the latter two said wager opportunities and leave the more difficult options for later.

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