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The Beauty of Plaid Shower Curtains

Traditional, classic, and timeless are the three words that best describe the look that a plaid shower curtain can give a bathroom. Plaid is often known as tartan, which dates all the way back to early Celtic cultures. Commonly though, plaid is an identifier of Scotland and its kilts. Historically, this woven fabric was used as a way of showing an association to a particular Scottish clan. If one is of Scottish descent, a tartan shower curtain is a great way to decorate and show off familial heritage.

On the market there are various patterns of tartan, and looking for just the right one to complete the look of a bathroom can be overwhelming. Sometimes differentiating patterns can be used, but it can make a small area look quite busy. Generally when using a heavy patterned curtain any accessories like mats or towels should be of a solid color that is seen in the pattern. Another great texture to introduce is leather. Leather or suede trays or baskets can give the room a very smart, intellectual appearance.

Timing is everything when decorating for the changing seasons. During winter, tartan curtains in greens and reds not only look festive, but give a bathroom a warm and cozy feel. For a more spring or neutral look, there are one colored plaid shower curtains that are simple and chic. There is also gingham prints that can be used, however it sometimes causes a mental association to a picnic table. Although, for summer a red and white gingham would freshen up any bathroom and give it a cute feeling.

Many times tartan is a good choice for those who have a rustic or country home. Perfect for log cabins, plaid shower curtains make a great compliment. Yet, it could be used in a modern, more contemporary setup due to the straight lines and geometric feel of the pattern. Plaid is probably most thought of as a decorating fabric choice for men, yet the clean lines and crisp feel of a black and white tartan shower curtain would make any woman feel like they have stepped into an elegant bathroom.

Overall, these types of curtains are very taste specific but will make any bathroom stylish and magnificent. Whether purchased in a store or online remember to match accessories to the least used color in the woven fabric. No matter the pattern that is chosen, plaid shower curtains will never go out of style.

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