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The Benefits Of Starting An Aerogarden

Many people who are into growing plants in their homes are talking about starting an aerogarden. This is a mini garden in which you can grow tomatoes, flowers, chili peppers, herbs, and lettuce among others. Although it requires minimal natural light, it can grow just about anything all year round. It is an aeroponic garden that requires minimal space; as such, it is perfect for any type of home, small or huge ones.

If you have a typical garden in your home, you can make use of an aerogarden to transport the plant to your outdoor garden through a seed starter. An aerogarden does not need pesticides because the harvests are 100% organic. More so, it does not need extreme maintenance for removing weeds or adding soil and fertilizers.

Consequently, if you are one person who is not so good in growing plants, herbs, or anything for that matter, an aerogarden is perfect for you because it has an internal microprocessor that works on everything you need for your garden. You just have to put your chosen pods into the internal microprocessor and turn the machine on. The machine will tell you when you should put water as well as nutrients. The rest of the process will be done by the machine. It will control the delivery and flow of the water and nutrients as well as the amount of light the plants need.

You can grow as many plants you want in an aerogarden. You can start with a wide range of seeds, which is included in a set. The set includes seeds of Parsley, Purple Basil, Cilantro, Italian Basil, Mint, Chives, Mint, and Dill. However, you can purchase additional or extra seeds depending on your preference.

When setting up an aerogarden, you do not have to allot ample time because it would only take 5 minutes to set up. More so, the seeds will begin their growth within 24 hours while harvest will be ready in 28 days. This is because it has its unique hydroponics system.

If you choose to purchase an aerogarden set, you will obtain several benefits and advantages, which you would not get from ordinary or typical gardens. These include the following:

– A built in SMART plant lighting system, which adjusts light cycle and level from optimal growth of plants. The SMART lighting system is an energy efficient system that includes full daylight spectrum.

– An Aeroponic optimizing growing chamber, which produces a near-to-perfect growing atmosphere.

– A a SMART microprocessor that includes a light timer, which turns the lights on and off. It also adjusts the lighting automatically and regulates the delivery of nutrients and water. More so, it reminds you to put nutrients and water into your plants.

– A guide for tending and harvesting, which tells you everything that you need to know to efficiently grown and harvest your plants. In addition, the Aerogarden also includes recipes that include cooking instructions using your plants and crops. Did you know that you can order flowers online, whether for your landscaping needs or for your mini garden?

Whether you like herbs, flowers or other small plants, an areogrow system is a great product to try.