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The Benefits You Can Achieve from Directory Submission

For those who are not quite sure what the fuss is all about, directory submission is one of the most affordable, sometimes even free, link building methods. It is one of the most prevalent and frequently used techniques for building back links. You can think of it as some kind of business referral system. The more links (referrals) you have, the higher the chances of visitors coming to your site through these links. Here are the major benefits you can get from directory submission.

Directory Submission Provide Increased Back Link Popularity. Obtaining incoming links for your website is one of the most important ranking factors in major search engines. If you want to obtain and maintain a good placement in terms of rank in the search engine results page (SERP), you have to acquire a hefty number of back links to boost you global link popularity. Generating such back links will ensure higher traffic movements to your website and most visitors could eventually stick to it and could very well be potential customers for your products and services. This is the main reason why you should use directory submission.

You Get the Guarantee of Being Indexed by the Leading Search Engines on the Web. One of the surefire ways for leading search engines to find your site is by following the back links from other sites. Search engine robots can easily find your website URL on web directory sites using these back links; thus, increasing the chances of your site getting indexed in major search engine databases.

Increased and Recurrent Visits from Search Engine Robots. Search engine robots (more commonly referred to as Bots) are the ‘agents’ that track the web for new websites to collect information for archiving. A good number of back links assures repeated Bot visits and a better prospect of higher rank for your site. When you utilize directory submission, you increase the chances of these Bots swarming your website at regular intervals.

You can Improve the Traffic to Your Site. Needless to say, numerous people do surf these directories and search for things they want or merely to find anything of interest for relevant information. In a sense these directories also act as medium to fetch in potential customers to you site. The more directories you get your site listed in, the more traffic you bring in to your site.

Utilizing Anchor Text and Keyword Targeting. Directory submissions assist website owners to create relevant keywords for their sites. You can improve the significance of your website by using keyword focused anchor text for your directory listings. You can also use your desired anchor text for website title during directory submissions, in which case it will be hyperlinked to your site, making it a great back link from the directories. Using keywords as anchor text will ultimately increase your link popularity because people who click them will automatically be redirected to your site.

Relevant Link Building through Niche Directory Submission. A very trendy type of directory submission these days is the niche directory submission, so-called because the directory only lists sites within a particular niche. This is a very powerful directory submission benefit that will give you the advantage of receiving contextual link, or a link from a page with topics of current interests and relevant related contents.

Building Brand Consciousness. By using your business name within the anchor text of your directory listing, you can increase brand awareness to the minds of your site visitors. This will also definitely increase your website visibility. Hence, when keyword-focused anchor text are used in juxtaposition, you can simultaneously achieve keyword targeting, link building and building brand awareness, all in one step.

You Can Use This Link Building Method for Free. The best part of directory submission is you can submit your site to several web directories by yourself without any fee. Such link building technique is facilitated by so many highly effective free directories on the web where you can submit free articles. You can do some search and make a list of the directory links, and then just keep submitting each article you have. Although this could be extremely time consuming, you will be building extra back links for free and to some extent, the easy way. If it is too much of a challenge and you do not have the spare time to do it yourself, you can always hire affordable website promotion and link building service providers to do the submissions for you at a minimal cost.

The Advantage of Finding a Link Exchange Partner. There is no better place than the web directories to look for link exchange partners. Look for sites that relate to your site, which have link exchange programs. Visit each site in their link directories and endeavor to exchange links with each site. For those sites which do not have link exchange programs, you can attempt to e-mail the site owners to see if they are interested. Though there has been a significant reduction in the usage of link exchange because of its effusive utilization, you can still get great business value for the back links created from relevant sites.

A Quality Web Directory can really help your website in getting noticed. Many people do not know the secrets to getting your website noticed. Web directories can decide if you make pennies or thousands.