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The Best Form of Day Spa Marketing You’re Not Using

You can try advertising your day spa on the radio or television or the Yellow Pages and the newspaper all you want. But you will never see the maximum profits hidden in your business until you use direct mail the right way. Problem is, most day spas stink at using direct mail. They don’t understand it, so they either send out meaningless barely-written mail that pulls almost nothing. Or worse, they spend a fortune on a dumb-as-bricks ad agency that mails out even lousier ads and for the rest of their lives they insist that direct mail doesn’t work.

This isn’t rocket science. A good direct mail piece does have a few critical secrets in it for a day spa. And not one spa owner in a thousand understands these secrets. And almost no ad agency does either. Direct mail will not just save you money compared to less effective methods, but it has the potential to multiply profits instantly. I don’t care how much direct mail you’ve tried in the past if it didn’t work, you didn’t do it right.

The secret is in getting it opened – and then the copy, the offer, and the call to action. You need to cover about a dozen essential sales response points in every piece of direct mail you send out to get the results you want. Most businesses maybe cover one or two – that won’t cut it.

If done incorrectly, direct mail won’t get good readership and few people will follow through and act on any of it. However, a decent (not even great) direct mail campaign is like having 1000 expert salesmen arrive at the door of 1000 of your hottest prospects. Your direct mail is your best salesman. Imagine having the best sales pitch in day spa history delivered individually to every single prospect in town. That is the power of direct mail.

Let me just start by saying, “No one wants to get your letter”. Seriously, they aren’t waiting by the mailbox wishing to receive a sales letter, postcard or anything else from you. Your letter is taking up their precious time and as far as their concerned can go straight to the “round file.” So you had better give ’em a pretty darn good reason to open your letter.

There are many different approaches to when it comes to the envelope:

1. Blind – This is an envelope that looks as if a friend sent it. It comes with a real (live) stamp, is handwritten and doesn’t have a return address, or possibly just the street, city, state and zip only…no name or business. These are best to use for new prospects who do not yet know you.

2. Teaser – This envelope tells who it’s from and even sells directly on the envelope. Hey, it wasted white space, why not use it right? Use the front and back of the envelope, just be sure you meet regulations and standards of your post office. There’s nothing more disappointing then to show up at the post office with a boatload of printed envelopes (or postcards) only to have them reject them for some stupid graphic being in the wrong place. Every post office is different so I suggest you take a sample to them before you print, especially with postcards. They get rejected more than anything else.

You can also use pre-paid postage with a teaser envelope because they already know you and that you’re going to sell to them.

3. Window- You can really do a lot with window envelope, more than just show an address. Tempt them through the window

Extras to keep in mind about envelopes:

1. Multiple Stamps out pull single stamps. Gives you that feeling that someone you know took the time to dig through a drawer and put the exact amount of postage- that “homemade” feel you want.

2. Commemorative or “face” stamps out pull regular stamps- again Aunt Betty would probably have an Elvis Stamp or Frank Sinatra.

3. Stamps put upside down or crooked will do better than straight carefully placed stamps.

4. Order of insertion is important- Most people will open the envelope from the back, so place items to be read first from the flap forward.

Bottom line – become a student (or better yet, a practitioner) of effective direct mail and you’ll see your spa’s profits soar!

Barry Nicholson is the creator of The Ultimate Spa Marketing System, a hands-free system that gets new and repeat clients into your spa using proven day spa advertising ideas. Get his free 47-page report “The Ultimate Spa Marketing Plan” by visiting the website today.