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The Best Grand Canyon Views are Seen from the Windows of Grand Canyon Helicopters

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There are many spectacular destinations for American vacations, but few top the amazing views found at the Grand Canyon. Nevada is best known for the views to be found at the Grand Canyon, which is why so many people book Grand Canyon helicopters to take them up-close and personal with this natural wonder.

If you are ready to see what the Grand Canyon is all about, you will get the best views from taking helicopter rides. From the air you will get a comprehensive view of the canyon and the area surrounding the canyon. You also get a good view of the Colorado River while taking these tours, which is another natural beauty waiting to be enjoyed.

Individuals across the planet are currently taking these tours, and there are a few great reasons. For one, this offers an excellent opportunity for education. In addition to that, there are plenty of other activities to take advantage of later, such as campfire activities and stargazing.

This is a protected area of American wilderness and there is a lot to be learned about the area as you stop off at the visitor centers. You can actually access these areas year round either on foot or by the Park’s shuttles.

The only visitor center to feature the popular IMAX Theater is the Tusayan center, which is called the National Geographic Visitor Center. These films are not your average movies, since they take you up six stories above the Grand Canyon for an experience that feels as if you are really there.

If you’re into camping then you will be glad to know that there are four campgrounds in the National Park, from the Bright Angel Campground to Phantom Reach at the bottom of South Rim. Those who obtain a backcountry trip will have the opportunity to go backpacking through the Grand Canyon as well.

No one will argue when you say that the Grand Canyon is one of the most stunning scenes in the world. If you are like many others who heard all about this natural wonder as a child, your breath will be taken away when you finally step foot into the area. Helicopter tours are without a doubt one of the most thrilling ways to experience it, and you can easily catch a flight from Las Vegas or even Grand Canyon National Park Airport. There is nothing more spectacular than the Grand Canyon from the air, and Grand Canyon helicopters are making it easier than ever to enjoy these views.

The air tours from Vegas only fly to the West Rim, 45 minutes away. The highlight of any Grand Canyon trip is the spectacular views, but you can also enjoy a picnic, a rafting adventure down the Colorado River, or even a walk across the Glass Bridge, also known as the Skywalk.

The classic South Rim flight will go to the North Rim and all the way back, providing a ride lasting about thirty minutes. There are some amazing views to be seen on the eastern edge of the park, and you can see it all on a brisk fifteen minute trip that goes over the Zuni Corridor and the Desert Watchtower.

Different Grand Canyon helicopters will come with different price tags, but those with money to spend go for the best of the best, which is the EcoStar 130. What makes these helicopters stand out is their spacious designs that are more comfortable than other helicopters. In addition to that they have theater style seating so that everyone can get a great view of the action below.

Travel writer Jenny Ducate reports on Grand Canyon trips. She suggests readers check out this webpage for a list of the hottest helicopter flights at the lowest prices.