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The Best Ways to Attach Objects Inside of Your Shadow Box

There are numerous things you should think about, no matter if your shadow box will be hung up by itself or with some other picture frames. Before getting started you’ll want to think about some things when you are going to use a shadow box picture frame. You’ll need to decide if you’re going to use glass or not, and if you’re going to use some kind of mat. This article will help you make the correct decision and furthermore give you the best options for attaching your precious objects in the shadow box frame.

• Utilizing a Mat or Not Using One: The choice you make in this decision should depend on what kind of style you would like to use and how you are going to exhibit your shadow box. You can create an attractive display case on a wall without using matting, but if you want a more formal appearance for your objects, then use a mat. If you are putting several things on display, then you might use a mat with separate openings for every single item.

• Glass or No Glass: Glass or acrylic placed in shadow box frames is exactly the same that is used in most picture frames. Ensure that your glass or acrylic will be adequate to protect your displayed items and to keep them all free of dust. The only type of glass that isn’t suitable is glass that has a non-glare finish. The whole surface of non-glare glass is etched, giving it the non-glare quality, but that etching causes dullness and blurring when the display is seen from a distance, especially if you’re using multiple mats.

As far as affixing items in your shadow box is concerned, the possibilities are practically endless. It may be challenging to find the correct method for securely and beautifully attaching your objects. From understated to bold attachments, every method is unique. The attachment will depend upon how you would like your shadow box to appear. You may want to incorporate the attachment as part of your display, or perhaps may want to put more emphasis on your subject by making the attachment invisible.

How much your objects are worth, either speaking in terms of money or simply how much you treasure them, is another important thing to take into consideration. If your object is valuable, you wouldn’t want to attach it with glue, which might irreversibly damage it. The majority of the strategies you see below should keep your items completely intact with no damage whatsoever.

• Sewing: This is the best choice for displaying pieces of clothing. The fewest number of stitches utilized, the better, but make sure there is proper support for your object. The very first thing to do is to get your backing board and then arrange the item on it. When it is arranged as you desire, determine the most ideal location for the stitches. You can also cut out a piece of matting board which is the same shape and size as your clothing, and then put it inside the item to give it some added support. To add fullness to a garment, particularly the sleeves, put in crumpled tissue paper.

• Strapping: This is most likely the most popular means of attaching objects in a shadow box. It is somewhat like a giant sewing stitch through the backing board. You simply find the place you want to position your object, and then put two holes there in the backing board. Next you draw the strapping material up through one opening, wrap it around your object and thread it down through the second hole. Finally, you simply tie both ends tightly together and then attach them to the backside of the board with tape. You can be creative with your strapping material and employ it as part of your display or choose thin fishing line that is almost invisible. Consider fancy ribbons or pieces of leather for different looks.

• Suspending or Dangling: You may use a hook or another hanger to hold your object inside your shadow box. If you are displaying something that is worn once in a while and then put back on display, then this can be a great method for you. In this case you wouldn’t want to use any glass.

• A Sink Mat: This kind of mat is great for adding support to books, magazines, and other thick objects. A sink mat itself doesn’t need to be deep. Enough support may be provided by one piece of foam board or even mat board.

• Mounts: Things like guns, rare coins, spoons or plates typically have mounts made specifically to hold them in place.

• A Loop and a Hook: You can use a loop combined with a hook that adheres to the backside of your frame if your objects are not heavy at all. To have this method last longer than the adhesive is going to last, staple the portion of the hook and loop which attaches to the backing board. Fabrics could also stand having a loop and hook sewn onto them. Strengthening the hook and loop like this may allow it to hold a little heavier object.

• Glue or Adhesive: Using glue is the most simple and inexpensive way of attaching your objects, but it additionally also the most irreversible and could be damaging to your items. Heavier objects can be attached with clear silicone adhesives but require cure time before you can seal the frame. Craft glue is a great option for nice and light objects. Glue that comes from a hot glue gun will break down as time goes by, so this isn’t the best option.

Now that you know all the greatest ways to attach your objects in your shadow box, you may get started immediately. Make sure you enjoy yourself!

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