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The Best Website Advertising Methods

The arrival of the World Wide Web saw advertising expand to a completely new genre: online advertising, which was the fastest growing mode of advertising the world had ever seen.

Online advertising is a mode through which companies communicate with the audience through advertisements displayed online. With the Internet playing bigger and bigger roles in people’s lives, more and more small companies are branching out into website advertising.

Through the easy accessibility of the Internet, geographical and time constrictions are demolished. An ad can reach any part of the world at any time. The best website advertising is especially when an ad reaches its target audience at all corners of the globe.

Tenets of Advertising

Advertising has three important tenets. For the best website advertising, the ad rep or advertising agency representing any company or any product and service must adhere to the main tenets of advertising which form the abbreviation – AIDA.

Attention, Interest, Detail and Action are the four commandments of every advert and the determining factor for the best website advertising strategy.

First, the ad should be attractive enough to gather the attention of the target audience, secondly, the ad should provoke an interest in the audience to want to know more about the product or service.

Following this, the ad must contain all the essential details that would finally affect the customer into taking an action which is to purchase the product.

Brand Recognition

Making an ad does not necessarily imply that the company should make a sale. That may be the primary objective but not only would the company be able to make a sale, but through advertising, the company also has a means to attain exposure for its brand.

For the best website advertising, brand recognition is a very important feature and once a customer is aware of the ad, it would provoke the customer into purchasing the ad once they feel the need for it.

Therefore, online advertising not only serves as a feature for boosting sales but also serves to create public awareness regarding the brand.

New Age Technology

The creation of the web browser and the extent of its complexity today allowed for a very “dynamic” form of data to populate the Internet. Databases support dynamic content to facilitate “form data”, which is why one is able to complete purchase orders on the Internet.

But this is nothing new: people have been buying stuff online for the past 10 years at least. In addition, websites became sophisticated and starting ‘personalizing’ to users requirements.

These are not forms of Internet advertising but are actual technical developments that strengthened the growth of such advertising. Likewise, the increase in broadband speeds, connection speeds, and most importantly users’ accessibility, all had a similar effect.

It is the infrastructure behind commercial intent that allows commerce to grow and it is important to understand that these were the critical elements behind the phenomenon of Internet advertising, and not the actual mode itself.

Rich Armstrong is a marketing consultant for Wag the Dog Marketing. Learn more about the best website advertising and other tricks of the trade – visit today.