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The Big Picture of Online Marketing Part 1 of 8

The Hub the lead capture page. That is absolutely essential to your success online.

Now many of you with home business is maybe familiar with or you are probably were given a company replicated website for your business and you had high hopes that company websites will bring you online and allow you to grow your business on a big world wide web.

Well I am sorry to tell you that your company replicated website is going to serve nothing more than an online brochure that you can send your leads to for more information about your product to your company. It is not going to generate your new leads, it is not likely to generate new sales or bring you new business partners. It is a well known marketing fact that it takes seven interactions on average with a prospect before they will take action or open their wallets.

So if you put up a company replicated website on the internet, let say you do start driving some traffic to it the chances of your visitors actually joining you on your business opportunity on that first visit is next to nothing. And then you have lost that visitor because the chances of them finding your site again would be minimal given that there are thousands and hundred and thousands of others out there even within your company.

So what we follow is a strategy which is called Lead Capture a one page website which has a purpose to capture the peoples information, the prospect that once to find out more information on your opportunity.

It has an often box where they can enter names and email address. You can also use this for your blog and even use it to email your prospect clients; you can drive them to your blog and to the areas where they can know you better. You can send them even videos, and for your emails you can send them over and over again about your updates.

If you want to become successful on your home based internet marketing, these steps would be a big help. This is going to be your stepping stone towards success because establishing a business online could be easy if you follow some tips and strategy how to attract your prospect clients.

Remember, establishing a business online has also many competitors, to make sure that you will be put on top considering some strategy is a good idea.

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