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The Creation of Amnesty and Amnesty International

When was amnesty created? Many people all over the world get jailed because of their political belief. Many of them are imprisoned without having the right to defend their selves. There are many of them that are tortured while in prison. In several countries there are people who just vanished after being taken into custody. Others have just been killed by a hit man hired by the country’s leaders.

These kinds of abuse happen in a wide way that it asked for an international action since the rights of the persons involved have to be protected. It became a responsibility of more than just one country. This is the reason why the amnesty was made and the Amnesty International Movement was established. This is the reason why amnesty was created so that those people can be given pardon. Many people want to know the answer to the question, when was amnesty created?

1. The first answer on the question, when was amnesty created is in July of 1961 in London. It was a movement led by a man named Peter Benenson. The Amnesty International is an association not connected to any government. He got inspired from the story of two students who became political prisoners in Portugal.

2. The second answer on the question, when was amnesty created is in the sixties when Peter Benenson, a lawyer asked a man named Eric Baker for assistance in writing an article about prisoners who have been forgotten. It had been printed in the publication called The Observer. This is the start of the awareness about the plight of the political prisoners.

3. The third answer on the question, when was amnesty created is in 1961 when people who have read the publication clamored for the protection of the rights of the prisoners. The publication included the universal rights to all humans. Mr. Peter Benenson succeeded in triggering the start of the campaign for having amnesty. Benenson’s movement started to make the campaign for the human rights of political prisoners formal a year after the article was printed by establishing Amnesty International.

4. The fourth answer on the question when was amnesty created is from the sixties to the seventies, which were the years when Amnesty International was creating the visions and beliefs of the group. They focused on giving equal trials to all the political prisoners. Other people who helped in creating the group were Sean MacBride and Martin Ennals. They also created another group called Abolition for Torture Movement. The aim of that group is to promote the removal of using torture on the prisoners. The members also increased by that time to two hundred thousand.

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