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The Expenses of an Electronic Cigarette: Is It Worth It?

The Electronic Cigarette, a smoke and tar-free alternative nicotine source, has been growing in popularity over the past several years. Many tobacco cigarette smokers are making the switch for a vast array of reasons. It could be the desire to wean off nicotine, or just the desire to continue nicotine use without the hazard and inconvenience of smoke and tar in the equation. But are the expenses of a starter kit, upkeep, and upgrades for this new device really worth it? The answer seems to be yes.
The typical e-cigarette comes in a three piece design consisting of a refillable cartridge, atomizer (heating element for vaporizing the nicotine), and a battery. There are also two piece designs that use a disposable atomizer. A starter kit – usually made up of two batteries, a wall charger/USB adaptor, and a bulk of cartridges or additional liquid refill bottles – may run you close to $100.00. That seems like a lot of cash in comparison to picking up a pack of cigarettes at the corner store. But for the habitual smoker, electronic cigarettes are a very practical long term investment. Once you have invested in a starter kit, your future expenses will be confined to routine bulk purchases of refill cartridges or refill liquid bottles. The money you save purchasing these refills instead of the equivalent amount of cigarette packs will multiply each time you need to restock. But don’t take my word for it; let’s look at some figures, shall we?

A reasonably priced starter kit purchased online will cost roughly $59.95 – $90.00. When the starter supply of cartridges runs out, you will need to buy more. A pack of 5 cartridges will cost you roughly $15 d, and most manufacturers claim each cartridge yields the nicotine of 20 cigarettes on average (or one pack of cigarettes), depending on the nicotine level. You would need to purchase 500 cigarettes, or 25 packs, to match the nicotine volume in a pack of 25 cartridges. At about $5.00 a pack minimum, that will run you at least $125.00 (in many states a pack of cigarettes can cost you over $10 a pack). Over time, the savings can really add up as you buy more cartridges/refills for your e-cig.
Of course, there will be bumps in the road that call for some minor expenses. You may need to replace a battery, running you about $20.00. Or purchase a new charger for less than $12.00 or so. But in the long run, purchasing an electronic cigarette will prove much cheaper in comparison to the continued purchasing of tobacco cigarettes pack by pack.

If cost-efficiency is the sole factor for choosing the alternative of an e-cig, it may be well worth it. An individual smoking a pack of tobacco cigarettes a day surely sees the dent in his/her weekly spending caused by their habit. In these unsure economic times, it feels good to save money any way we can. It feels even better to know that in the process, you are ridding yourself – and those around you – of the consequential exposure to smoke and tar that come with a tobacco cigarette habit.

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