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The History of Beaumont Real Estate

Beaumont real estate has quite a long history, dating back to the 1850s when surveying parties started arriving in the area. The San Gorgonio Pass was discovered in 1853, and many people came to the area that now connected to the ocean. It wasnt long before a railway opened there connecting the Pacific to the Missouri River, and by the 1860s, the Union Pacific Railroad was running right through the area where present day Beaumont real estate is located.

At the summit of the pass, a site was founded and named Edgar Station. Soon after, its name was changed to San Gorgonio. On November 18, 1912 San Gogonio became an incorporated city and adopted its current name of Beaumont. The name translated from French means Beautiful Mountain. Although the population in 1927 was only 860, they did have five churches, a bank, a library, local newspapers, a dehydrating plant, commercial packing houses and several lumber yards. There were also apples apple plantations by 1930 in this area of California quickly became a quarter million dollar industry.

Palm Springs, which is only a short distance from Beaumont real estate, became a highly popular resort area in the 1930s, and the Land of Beautiful Mountains followed suit. It was advertised for vacationers that the town offered horseback riding, archery, tennis, horseshoes, swimming, shuffle board, ping pong, baseball, basketball, deluxe accommodations, and more even grand ballroom dancing. Quite a large amount of Beaumont real estate was developed during this time.

This area also became home to a Lockheed rocket testing site until January of 2004, bringing many jobs and industry to the area. The building of Beaumont homes experienced a housing boom in the early part of the new millennium, which spread through the valleys of this area known as the Inland Empire. Beaumont is located near Los Angeles, and many people are still flocking to the area to take advantage of attractive housing in fact, the city has earned itself the title of the fastest growing city in the state.

Today, Beaumont real estate surrounds many Old World antique stores, museums and malls. There are also many big box stores in the area. There are several fine dining establishments and small casual cafes as well as several different entertainment venues in the area. In addition, throughout the city there are many small parks and paseos for residents to enjoy. The city has many master planned communities and neighborhoods, all of which operate under home owners associations. This attracts many home buyers from outside of the area to come and investigate their options when it comes to purchasing Beaumont real estate.

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