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The Major Benefits of Using External Frame Backpacks

External frame backpacks are typically chosen for long hiking trips, and camping trips where more equipment will need to be carried. There is a vast array of different reasons and benefits of having this style of backpack. Although there are other styles to choose, these packs continue to be the most popular choice.

This style of backpack consists of a metal frame which is visible, running through the whole backpack supporting the nylon pack. The external frame backpacks are comfortable to wear, and will ensure that the user does not feel restricted. The thick padded shoulder straps and padded hip strap will ensure that a great deal of weight can be carried comfortably. The frame work within the backpack distributes the weight, ensuring that the user never feels overwhelmed.

The overall design of these packs is fantastic; however, there are activities which are not advised whilst wearing the backpack. The high center of gravity, which the external frame backpacks, has will make the user feel slightly unbalanced. Therefore, skiing, and mountain biking should be avoided. However, once the user is accustomed to wearing the backpack, they will find it easy to maneuver around.

One of the largest benefits to these backpacks is the overall versatility that they offer the user. The frame work within the backpack allows it to sit further away from the body, ensuring that there is a greater level of comfort. Overheating and sweating are both extremely common when hiking, and they can cause the hiker to become uncomfortable. The distance that the external frame backpacks are from the users body, allows the body heat to escape and keep them comfortable.

The strength which the external frame backpack provides is essential for camping and hiking trips, when large quantities of equipment are needed. There will never be any concerns that the backpack will break during the trip. Carrying heavy loads can seem daunting; however, if the right backpack is purchased the user will be confident no matter what they are carrying.

Many of the external frame backpacks will have an extender bar which is perfect when looking to carry more items. The frame on the backpack allows the user to tie and strap additional items, ensuring that nothing is left behind. They will not need to try and cram every item inside the backpack, which will ensure that the hike is far more comfortable.

As camping items have become more compact, these packs are not as popular with some hikers. However, many still prefer this style of backpack for the durability, versatility, and convenience which it offers. The external frame packs are no more expensive than other styles of backpack; therefore, the decision is often due to personal taste. The hiker will need to decide which backpack they prefer to carry, and decide if their choice is suitable for the style of camping or hiking that they intend to do. Once you’ve shopped at, we’re convinced you won’t feel the need to go elsewhere for your backpacking gear needs. Whether you’re looking for Daypacks, Internal Backpacks or External Backpacks, we have you covered.