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The Perfect Getaway For Game Day

You love watching football. You are an avid Longhorns fan. You just bought a new 70 inch, high definition, flat screen television. Your wife, however, hates when you and the boys come over with all your chips and beer, commandeer the living room for your own rowdy purposes, and make a mess of the furniture and carpet. You tried it one too many times, and now she refuses to let your friends through the door on football days, no matter how much you beg and plea. All the promises you make, such as cleaning up after yourselves and vacuuming the carpet, she knows are void. It seems as if it is time to find a good bar and grill in Austin.

Now, what are some of the necessary characteristics that you are looking for in your new football watching location? You want to choose a great place, and you want to become loyal to this one place. You and your friends will be the regulars that come to watch the games. You cannot just choose any old bar and grill in Austin. You need to carefully look at all your options, test them out on a low traffic day, and see if they have the feel you are looking for.

First of all, you will probably want a large selection of beer and ales. What is a Longhorns football game without excellent beer? Maybe you will discover a brand that you have never tasted before, since you and your buddies usually just buy a few packs of High Life. The beer should be something worth the cost, most certainly.

Second, you definitely want to try to food before you choose a location as your game day central. A delicious burger is a must. Be sure to run the taste test, and do not go easy on them. There are plenty of competitors out there. Find the best burger you can. Maybe you would like to mix it up a little with some steak tacos, spicy buffalo chicken wings, or a club sandwich. Look at the menu and make sure that they can accommodate your expansive palette and cravings on game day.

Lastly, there is something to say about the atmosphere of the place, yet you are the only one who can really feel if it is right or not. You want it to be laid back. You want the workers to be friendly and playful so that they will get excited about the game. You want the other patrons of the bar to be the kind of people that you would simply love to share a sacred Longhorns game with. Longhorns fans only, in fact.

With all these things in mind, you are sure to find the perfect bar and grill in Austin that will meet all your needs and supply you with the perfect get away for game day.

Doc’s ( is one of the best bar and grill Austin has to offer.