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The Reasons of Affecting Appetite That are Rarely Known by People

When we provide the same food with a large amount for the volunteers, they will eat more. The reason is food with a small amount provides people with several discrete stops, so that they will think whether should continue to eat, having the effect of reminding those volunteers. The impact of psychological factors on people’s appetite is much greater than that of physical factors.

Now, let’s look at the rarely-known factors that affect our appetite revealed by the Science Institute!

Soft light increases the appetite

Wansink found that the soft light will affect people’s consumption of food, mainly because the soft light makes people to feel comfortable, thereby reducing the control of the meal, extending people’s dining time, and increasing the amount of intake. Perhaps this is why a lot of restaurants like to design the light softer.

In addition, many studies have shown that the glare or over-bright lighting will reduce the time of people to stay in the restaurant, thus affecting food intake. Weak or warm light (including candlelight) generally make people more willing to stay as well as enjoy desserts and extra drinks. In dark light, people often have little inhibition and self-restraint, sp they are more willing to spend money.

Unpleasant odors affect appetite

It is well known that the unpleasant odor will affect people’s appetite, regardless of the odor of ambient environment or smell of food, they will shorten the meal time and inhibit the desire of food consumption. Then will unpleasant odors definitely be able to increase people’s appetite? Although the study has not yet found how much the impact of a good smell on appetite in the end is, one thing is certain that the impact of a good smell on appetite is far less than the impact of the unpleasant odor on people’s appetite.

3. Light music will increase the appetite

The study has revealed that: light music in general can increase appetite and extend the dining time, thereby increasing the consumption of many foods and drinks. Especially when people hear their favorite music, people tend to feel comfortable, thus reside or be intoxicated in it. The vast majority of respondents are willing to order another dessert or beverage. Conversely, when the music or the surrounding noise is too loud, too fast or make people uncomfortable, people will not stay in the restaurant too long, so food consumption of course will be reduced. In some cases, fast-paced music and the music that makes people feel happy will also increase people’s intake of food and drink, because fast-paced music allows people to accelerate the speed of eating.

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