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The Red Sea resort style development model workers – Record Second North Drilling Company GW27 team driller Chen Hung

Chen Hong, North Drilling Company Second Team Sudan GW27 driller, he has been working in Sudan for 7 years, has repeatedly been named the Great Wall Drilling Sudan branch advanced individuals, this year in May, they won the title of model workers in North China Petroleum Administration.
In early 2000, Chen came to the Sudan red with GW27 teams, equipment, drilling has not yet arrived at the scene, Party requires thorough testing of the drilling equipment, inspection means that the main equipment to be dismantled, this unheard of in China. It had just set foot on Sudanese territory GW27 team is a great pressure on staff is no doubt.

In those tough days, Chen Hung led the class officers, both dry and dry large classes in small classes, working at full capacity every day.
February 2000, GW27 first well drilled team commitment Mungasouth-4 well drilling finally, although this is a vertical well, but because of geological structure, reservoir, and a serious lack of geological data, to drilling has added unexpected difficulties, Chen Hung inevitably some tension. Every minute of his shift, he would always remind myself to be careful. Brake to operate a heavy responsibility, but also very hard, and sometimes a class to stand 11 hours, a class down the back pain is often tired.

In early 2004, GW27 team bearing the history of Sudanese oil drilled the first horizontal wells HEGLIG-31 well, then, for the GW27 team can play well, Party A has been skeptical. As the Well of complicated, difficult construction, the Sudan Ministry of Energy and Mines officials and experts is very concerned about drilling. Construction, the work of Chen Hung asked the whole class of high standards and high quality, ensure safety.

One in from the drilling process, a large section of wellbore pressure drag serious devolution of drilling on the mentioned difficulties. Chen Hong in a timely manner to make recommendations to the Party Authority: low pump pressure, low pump slowly washed from the drilling, reaming each one from 1-2 meters. Authority to adopt his views, underground complex to be resolved quickly so that, Party repeatedly said to him: “Verygood! (Very good).”
First round of the horizontal well HEGLIG-31 and BAM Juan BOOWEST-22’s successful completion, drilling experts and by the Sudanese government’s consistent high praise, many Party sent a letter to congratulate, in particular BAMBOOWEST-22 well, well completion well depth 1833 m , maximum deviation is 90 degrees, horizontal displacement 765 m, 309 m horizontal section, the drilling cycle is only 13.9 days.

Working abroad, the language barrier is the biggest obstacle. To this end, Chen Hung vigorous efforts to an English dictionary so that he almost turned bad, and now, he not only with on-site supervision and employees fluent dialogue, but also familiar with local laws and regulations. Enhance learning in their own, he also used the production of space, organization employees Shanghao technique classes, team members to promote the quality of a comprehensive manner.

October 2005, at Heglig-39 Well Drilling in order to ensure the mud displacement, Party asked to double-pump drilling. Stab at this time the bad piston mud pump, Party supervision anxiously how long can be exchanged for good? Chen Hong confident of the answer as long as 20 minutes. Supervision stare with suspicion at the scene, the result of several employees of Chen Hung led only 15 minutes to fix the pump, make the production returned to normal.

Up to now, GW27 teams were drilling in the Sudan nearly 70, with no quality problems, results in your area ranked first.
North China Petroleum Administration in obtaining the honorary title of model workers, the Chen Hung said modestly: “GW27 each team are dedicated to love and employee dedication, honor belongs to each of them.”

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