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The Right to Remain Silent

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime, and is caught red handed then it leads to severe probation in developed countries and one night custody in developing nations. However there are specialist drunken driving lawyers situated in Orange Park.

An Orange Park Attorney Drunk Driving is specialised in law surrounding the offence of drunk driving. They not only assist but also represent clients throughout many trial processes, holding up the clients constitutional and other legal rights. Though Orange Park Attorney Drunk Driving are in the cases of drunk driving they never over look the matter of drunk driving, rather they ask all to ensure that they abide by the rules and the regulations of the law laid by the traffic department.

The attorneys however ensure that the rights to the fair trial are protected throughout the process.
Orange Park Attorney Drunk Driving however talks about the two separate offences as per section 65 of the US constitution and they are as follows:
Driving under the influence of the intoxicating liquor or drug
Driving the vehicle while not only the breath is concentrated but if traced from the blood taken from any part of the body if not less than .05gram per 1000ml, then the driver is in thick soup.

Apart from, the above restrictions, the Orange Park Attorney Drunk Driving tells the police and the public prosecutors that the equipment that they use to detect the blood and the breath samples must not only be tested but should comply with the stringent standard of the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). The blood sample must be taken within two hours of the valid arrest. The breath alcohol test may then be administered by the registered traffic officer who has passed the operation course for the piece of the equipment used. The equipment used must be calibered every six months and the traffic officer operating the equipment is required to carry the calibration certificate with him / her.

Before talking about, Orange Park Lawyer for DUI, let us understand the term DUI – Driving under the Influence and this DUI is mostly termed for drunken driving. Though all constitution says that driving drunk on the main road or the high way is a criminal offence, Orange Park Lawyer for DUI says that though it is a very simple law, where the accused is scot free after a few penny fine, or a night in the custody or any lenient probation, the same punishments can get intense, if the offender starts acting smart and starts getting over the protection force of the police. Surprisingly, large grey area of Orange Park is the area of, actual DUI culpability.

According to Orange Park Lawyer for DUI, the rights of the offender are as follows:
To remain silent, and will be informed promptly of the right
To be brought before the court, within 48 hours of the arrest
The first attempt of always for a speedy trial
Not to be pressured into making a confession or admission.
To be released from detention, if the interest of justice permits subject to reasonable conditions.

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