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The Right Veterinary Filing Products To Help Your Office Stay Organized

If you are a veterinarian, you literally see hundreds upon hundreds of “patients” a year. Unlike other medical offices, your patients often stay a whole day, overnight, or even for a week if they are seriously ill. In order to safeguard the health and well-being of your furry little clients, you need to use the right kind of veterinary filing products: here are just a few of the ways they can help you stay organized.

Cage Identification Cards

You definitely don’t want Fluffy going to Sweetie’s home at the end of the day, nor do you want to get their medications confused. Because your patients cannot talk and identify themselves, you need to take the time to identify them properly in their temporary cages. Cage identification cards can be formatted simply: animal name, owner name, date, sex, date in, date out, phone number, and special instructions. Or you can select a more comprehensive format that includes all of the above along with daily AM/PM feeding schedules, walking checklists, etc.

Labels for Cage Cards

Because a patient’s situation may change daily or even hourly, it is impractical to keep making all-new cage cards. Sticker labels are great filing products that can be attached and layered onto a card as needed. Treatment labels might include: Under Medication, Water Only No Food, Seizure Watch, etc. Of course there are dozens of different label possibilities, so choose a vendor that keeps an extensive inventory in stock to cover your ever-changing needs. You can also use other pre-printed labels to affix onto bottles of medication, for billing reminders, or for authorization and consent purposes.

Medical Records

If you don’t yet have EMR for your office, you need to be sure to keep comprehensive and detailed hard copy medical records. Organize these records in files so that they can be easily accessed in case of emergency, and be sure to keep them updated continuously.

The filing system you choose for your office is a highly individualized matter. However, because of the abundance of hair, fur, and dander in the air, many vets opt for enclosed draw filing cabinets. These usually come in vertical or lateral four-drawer formats and can easily be installed on any open wall.

To provide proper care for your furry patients, you must insist on maintaining a well-organized office: keeping accurate records, proper files, and detailed labeling are a must and will help you to run a reputable facility impeccably.

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