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The Science behind Successful Football Betting

Football betting is a delicate concept involving a balanced combination of both simple and complex aspects. If you are a serious bettor interested in getting the most of your football betting ventures, then you shouldn’t limit yourself to knowing only the basics; the key to successful sports wagering is proper knowledge, which means you should strive to get an understanding of all the factors and variables that have a significant impact on betting.

Keeping track of football betting statistics

Since statistical analysis is the very foundation of sports handicapping, make sure you treat it with the importance it deserves. In order to obtain applicable statistical trend information, you can either use dedicated computer software tools or turn to professional handicapping services. However, regardless of the path you decide to go here, it is important to verify the accuracy and actual value of the statistics employed for generating the trending information in the first place.

Understanding and accounting for NFL betting lines

When setting football odds, bookmakers strive to obtain a balanced line that will draw equal attention towards both teams involved in a sports clash. However, in the case of football spreads, the odds don’t always indicate the actual estimated difference between the two competing teams. Occasionally, bookmakers may cut down several points at one end under the assumption that that particular team will receive more wager action than initially intended.

Although there are situations when the NFL betting lines remain stable, these indicators often fluctuate slightly as soon as bookmakers announce their opening odds. In general, NFL betting lines fluctuate in response to factors like key player absences, team form, referees and even weather. However, whenever the betting action on a sporting event is sensibly out of balance, it is the bookmakers who exert the most influence upon the movement of the lines, reacting promptly to even things out.

In practice, it can be very difficult to use NFL betting line moves as an effective means of gauging wager value. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore this indicator when making your football picks; instead, it is advisable not to follow line moves blindly without accounting for other important aspects like statistic trending for instance.

A smart way to take advantage of the betting lines, odds and statistic analysis when wagering on NFL matches is to focus mostly on betting the underdog. Since most of the action revolves around match favorites, backing the underdog can prove very profitable in the long run.

Don’t turn your back on straightforward betting

With all the action going on around football spreads, bettors tend to overlook straight up and money line wagers. The great advantage that money line NFL wagers have over NFL football spreads is that they don’t involve the ubiquitous 5-10% vigorish (a fee deducted from each amount that is wagered). Moreover, focusing on straight up football wagers eliminates the need to guess the exact margin of victory, which simplifies things significantly. Although they require the same amount of research, straightforward ‘to-win’ NFL bets are generally safer, and can sometimes get very profitable as well.

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