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The Single Best Thing Super-Affiliates Have To Create Wealth

It’s so easy to create profits online… That’s what everyone is telling you in their salesletters, promotion materials and on the forums. But still a lot of people fail from making any return on their investments.

In this article I will tell you what the number one thing is that all the super-affiliates use to create those enormous checks. Even I don’t use it as much I should use it, but I’ll give you exact instructions on how to use it.

Not so long ago I found myself buying every marketing eBook and course that I could find, the costs added up to thousands of dollars. After reviewing all the big promises the salesletters made you should think I was a multi-millionaire. But nothing was further from the truth.

To be honest with you, I didn’t make a single dime! All the effort, and not to forget cash, I put in this new business was going to waste. I spend countless hours creating a salesletter, writing an article and submitting it to the various directories.

Afterwards I waited for a few days, while still reading and re-reading everything I bought, but no results showed up. Not a single penny returned from my new venture!

This was frustrating!

All that happened not so long ago, and now I’m sitting here with an inbox full of emails telling me I just received another payment. And that’s exactly the magical moment I was looking for. I’m amazed at the speed all these orders come in, and even my ‘Archive’ button doesn’t work that fast!

What’s really magical about this event is that I didn’t even do much to generate all these orders. I just put up an offer, put the rest of my time into promoting it by giving valuable information via articles, blogs and forums… and there’s the money.

We can actually learn two things from this story, two keys to create success both online and offline, where ever you want or need it. Those two things are:

Help and Persistence

The things that kept me doing my work were all those big promises, and my extreme desire to see at least a few bucks created solely on the internet. To prove my parents and friends that creating an income on the net is indeed a realistic goal.

That’s persistance… I wanted, deep in my heart, to see results. And I kept working on it untill I got them. Now I’ve done it, they fully support me in what I’m doing and that really got me to put all my efforts in this.

On to the second thing that really resulted in profits, and again it’s an amazing simple thing that all the super-affiliates use too. If you promote affiliate products to your list or visitors, don’t ever forget to use this, because it’s the only way to get profits.

It’s helping others that makes super-affiliates so wildly successful in any affiliate program they decide to join. Those people know how to work on the programs the right way, and they know how to recommend the products to their visitors the way they create an irresistible desire to buy them.

I decided to share all the information that I consumed on forums, in articles, newsletters and everywhere I could. In return the word spread about me that I help everyone I can help. The word spread so far that I got ‘fans’, the same people who bought my products and my recommendations later.

Dave Origano is author of “Motivation & Inspiration” and “Momentum Based Marketing”. For his free newsletter with articles, tips, tricks and more, click here “Beyond-the-Obvious”