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The Sites to See Around Sacramento Midtown Apartments

Officially established in August of 1839, the city of Sacramento, California has a rich history intertwined with gold, agriculture, Native Americans, politics and religion. The midtown area of Sacramento is overflowing with cultural and historical sites that anyone living in the Sacramento Midtown apartments or condos will be excited about leaving their homes every day. Midtown Sacramento is close to everything, hence the name Midtown. Its close to the Capital building, the City Hall, several malls and shopping centers, several live theaters and concert halls, hundreds of restaurants and eateries, grocery stores, museums, historical sites, and the Sacramento and American Rivers.

Sacramento Midtown apartments are smack in the middle of some many different things that finding an apartment in midtown is becoming difficult. Everyone is looking for Sacramento Midtown apartment complexes or condos so that they can live close to where the action is, where they work and where they play.

Sutters Fort is one of the most popular historical sites in Northern California. This is the site where John Sutter established a trading post for those headed to San Francisco and Coloma for the gold in them there hills. This fort offers tours, traditional 19th century foods, people in period dress, and even a shop where you can make your own candles.

Old Sacramento is only miles from Sacramento Midtown apartments. This small historic town right on the Sacramento River is the original city of Sacramento, and boasts of one of the largest train museums in the country. Also, youll want to try some of the food, festivities and salt water taffy.

Sacramento Midtown apartments are also close to several parks where families gather to BBQ, swim, play in the grass, play on the playgrounds or just enjoy the shade of the trees on a hot day.

If youre looking for apartments in Sacramento that give you the best view of all thats going on in the government, youll be pleased that any of the Sacramento Midtown apartment complexes are a short drive by car or RT to the Capital, City Hall, and historic Governors mansion. Living in a Sacramento Midtown apartment puts you in the heart of the city of Sacramento where you can spend every night of the week on your balcony drinking in the sights and sounds of the city. Jazz music floats on the breeze, the savor of authentic Mexican food wafts through the air and the glamour of the patrons of the Music Circus puts an energy in your blood.

Getting in on Sacramento Midtown apartments before theyre all gone is a good idea and a great opportunity.

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