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The Sneaky Ways That Appliances Affect Your Home Energy Savings

Perhaps the difficulty isn’t found in the logic of money saving, but the challenge lies amongst definitive results. When you’re looking for those energy saving tips don’t get discouraged, there are energy experts who want to help and have provided ways to cut back on energy expenses. Let’s focus on how appliances can affect your energy bill.

An appliance can be one of the most heavily used items in your home, or it can reside in the land of the forgotten and the dust bunnies. There are several ways to improve your appliance efficiency without forgetting or preventing their resourcefulness.

What Your Appliances Can Do For You

Whether you use your appliances all the time or you tend to spend little time at home, learning those effective and “user friendly” energy saving tips can be of help to any homeowner or renter.

Your appliances can range from the toaster, dishwasher, and lights to the clothes washer and dryer, and computer. Regardless of the intended purpose or actual usage of appliances, most homeowners or renters can admit to having at least half of the above appliances. Did you know that about 20 percent of your monthly bill comes from household appliance usage?

Consider How You Use Your Appliances

Here are some questions you should reflect on before you continue reading. There may be some simple ways to improve your appliance usage and energy efficiency.

– What appliances need to be plugged in all the time?
– What appliances are plugged in and hardly being used?
– Are appliances being left on and forgotten?
– Are there other options available?

Use Appliances As Needed – Decide When to “Plug In”

Consider all your home appliances. Make a list of the appliances you frequently use and the ones that infrequently use. Are all of these appliances always plugged into an outlet? This is an example of where you can save some energy. If you have an appliance plugged in that you know will hardly get used, unplug the appliance and find a place to store it until it’s needed.

Many homeowners do not know that when an appliance is plugged into the wall it utilizes energy regardless of it is actually being used. So, although you think you are doing the best thing by turning off the appliance, you can do one more thing to be even more energy savvy.

Is This Appliance On or Off – Is It Still Using Energy?

One quick way to determine whether an appliance is still using energy when it isn’t being used is by checking for any lights, or a clock feature. The only way that either of these options would light up is if the appliance were still receiving energy from the outlet.

This energy is known as phantom loads. They can be anywhere around the house, even in multiple rooms. Be sure to check for: DVD players, alarm clocks, gaming systems, microwaves, toasters, TVs, computers, and any other similar devices.

Although this may appear trivial, it’s another way that you can save on your energy bill. Actually, unbeknownst to you, about 75 percent of the energy used by your appliances is being used while the appliance is turned off! This means you could be saving 3/4 on your appliance energy costs.

The Power of a Power Strip

There’s one way to ensure that an appliance is really off and cut off from all electricity. Be sure to invest in a power strip. You can eliminate all energy flowing to and from appliances by plugging them into a power strip and turning off the power strip when leaving the room. This way that little light will no longer suck 75 percent of the energy used by appliances!

Other Energy Saving Options

Don’t be fooled into thinking that batteries are more expensive than plugging an appliance into the wall. You can save money by purchasing reusable batteries for those appliances such as radios and alarm clocks. Just make sure you unplug the charger!

Do not think that standby or a screen saver is equivalent to shutting off an appliance. Electricity is still being used by the machine. Although the appliance is using less energy, the best option is to altogether shut it off.

If you have tried to manage your appliances and are still finding your energy bill to be far too expensive for your liking, then an energy audit may be the solution. An energy expert will come to your home and perform an extensive energy inspection. You will finally know your home’s energy efficiency and identify any areas needing improvement or repairs.

Contact Dr. Energy Saver and schedule your Connecticut home energy audit. You’ll be amazed by the energy savings, and the improvement in your home’s comfort and livability. Schedule an energy audit today. Visit the U.S. Dept of Energy for more information on these tips and more!