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The Solution To Bathtub Wipe Outs

Have you ever slipped and fallen in the shower? Maybe you even hit your foot on the tub faucet on your way down and started bleeding a little bit? I have. Yet, even in the face of danger, I hate using one of those rubber mats on the floor of my bathtub. It may be just me as a female with thick hair, but I shed a lot of hair in the shower, and those little suction cups on the bottom of the rubber mats are just collectors for the hair that is falling off my head. Not a pretty sight. So what are my other options to manage my safety while keeping my hygiene up to par?

Let us first have a little lesson about friction. Why does the bathtub floor even get too slippery in the first place and why do we fall on it? Friction is simply the force that resists the slipping or sliding motion between two objects. There are several kinds of friction. Dry friction, fluid friction, lubricated friction, skin friction and internal friction. You may guess that the type of friction that effects us in the shower would be fluid friction, since there is water in the bathtub. Actually, fluid friction takes place within fluids. Lubricated friction, however, is when a fluid separates two solid surfaces.

The two solid surfaces in our equation are the bathtub floor and the bottoms of your feet. The fluid, obviously, is the water that you are cleaning yourself with. The first problem is that bathtubs themselves were not made to stand in, but to sit and soak in. When we started attempting to shower in a bathtub, we discovered that the slippery tub bottom that is great for laying down, is not as great for standing up. The surface is already smooth and slick and adding water to that surface is a recipe for disaster.

There are more solutions to this global problem, however, and even ones that do not involve hair-collecting rubber mats. For example, there are some companies that sell a non slip coating for the bathtub floor. This is not a coating that can wear off, but is actually a process that creates a tread design on the mineral surface of the tub itself, yet is still invisible to the eye. That tread design increases the friction coefficient, giving your feet little tiny ridges to grip onto, even with water attempting to get in their way.

Showering in your bathtub does not have to be a scary experience. You do not have to fear slipping or collecting your loose hair under your rubber mat. Just increase the friction of the surface in a different way!

PosiGrip ( is an exciting new opportunity. Is a process that increases the coefficient of friction on a tile floor or a porcelain bathtub and non clip coating.