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The Trump Network Review – What Can Trump Do For You?

MLM Opportunities are popping up all over the internet like popcorn. The main reason people join these types of businesses is to make some income to change their life. So which company is worth the time? How do you chose? One method of selection is to look for brand names. Donald Trump holds serious credibility in the business world and he is now bringing that over to become one of the top network marketing companies today.

The Trump Network has three trump cards –

a) The reputation of Donald Trump

b) A health product that could be customized according to customer’s needs and

c) Presence in an increasingly popular industry.

Health is fast becoming top priority to people and they prefer well known brands to new names. Here’s an analysis of the Trump Network business and the MLM opportunity.

The Trump Story

Donald Trump, a well known name in the business world, started the Trump Network in 2009 to help people benefit from the nourishment offered by the product as well as pull themselves up from the recession that threatened the world economy by joining the business opportunity. The company was established in Massachusetts to offer personalized health products through network marketing.

Trump Merchandise

The primary product, PrivaTest is a kit that helps to analyze what nutrient composition is required by your body. Based on the results of this test, you could order your custom essentials, your tailor-made nutrition package. The Silhouette Solution Program is a fast selling weight-loss product while Quikstik is another Trump product that replaces caffeine drinks with natural energy beverages.

The MLM Opportunity

You could start your own business for as low as $48 for the basic program or as much as $500 for the FastStart Package. As a Fast Track Sponsor, you get your own website to promote your business, discounts on products, free samples, promotional DVDs and sales materials and commission of $100 for each person you sponsor.

As in other network marketing companies, you need to recruit people who in turn recruit others to generate enough income in your business. Whether you sell products or not, you need to keep adding to your MLM downline to come up in this business.

What Problems Do Reps In This MLM Opportunity Encounter?

– Your sponsor may claim that the promotional DVDs and sales aids offered by the company are alone sufficient to convince people to buy the products or join the business. Even if this is true, you’d need interested people to view the DVD or listen to your sales pitch. MLM leads are the most important elements needed in your kind of business. Don’t be fooled into thinking you could attain your income goals by promoting your business amongst friends and relatives.

– Competition – GeneWize is another network marketing company that offers customized health products while Herbalife and AmeriSciences are established network marketing companies that offer solid competition to the Trump Network. It’s going to be difficult to convince customers of these products to switch over.

– Even if the income per order is decent, you’d need a continuous selling program that brings in routine income. If you’re not able to generate enough business, you don’t need Mr.Donald Trump to say “You’re fired” to know your business is failing.

How To Play Your Trump Card

The Trump network is not a scam; it’s a decent business where you could make good money if you play your cards right. Effective marketing is the key to turning the cards in your favor. For the kind of income and support offered in this business, good product promotion is enough to bring in lots of money. Make your business visible to anyone who might be interested by promoting it online. There are several tools to help you promote your business and obtain leads through the internet. An MLM leads program should help you with a constant supply of leads. Once you learn the knack of marketing and establishing contact with potential customers through the net, you need to go no further to taste success in your business.

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