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The Ways Blog RSS Will Change How We Blog

You must not be thinking, “I wonder if RSS can help my blog?” Instead, the question should be, “How many ways can blog RSS help my business?” An RSS feed will help you generate so much traffic and will also be able to keep you perpetually in touch with your faithful customers as well as with prospective customers.

” RSS Feed Directories: This is one of the main ways to drive traffic to a blog. Get the address of your RSS feed and submit it to all the popluar directories that are set up just to keep track of all the RSSs out there.

” RSS Up-to-the-Minute Information: With an RSS feed you do not have to wait for your customers to look at your blog – with a feed the messages will be delivered as soon as they are posted. This gives the customer access to the information as soon as it is available.

” RSS to Follow Favorite Blogs: RSS feeds of your favorite blogs can be very helpful for various reasons. In my opinion, they allow you to keep up with the news and trends in your niche. This is a way to stay on top of the competition. By reading them as often as possible you will be able to see all their marketing and product information. This is a very important tool that every marketer should be using no matter what the niche.

” RSS to HTML: This is a trick I learned about on someone’s RSS one time. There are several online services that let you take your webpage and turn it into a RSS feed even if the page is a static one. It can then be submitted to RSS directories and will get the page traffic it could otherwise not have access to.

All of the above examples show why it is important for any Internet marketer to be sure to include RSS feeds into all campaigns. This is especially important for people trying to make their living from blogging. It is one of the two essential keys to success for bloggers, the other one being blogging itself.

The main social benefit of blog RSS feeds is that it allows you to stay up to date with what is going on in the life and business of your favorite bloggers and allows you to comment on what is going on in real-time. This is very key in our super fast, as-it-happens society and RSS is one of the keys of the future of blogging.

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