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This Years Top Decorating Trends

There has been a trend over the last few years in which homeowners are working on their own home improvement projects. This has created a need for professional advice on how to go about successfully completing a home improvement project, whether it is decorating or building. Here are some of the trends that continue to develop.

Metal is In
Incorporating metals into room design is a very popular choice for room design, and the trend is expected to continue into the New Year. Metal is a versatile decorating medium, because it can be used with so many different styles including Modern, Tuscan, Art Deco, Mediterranean and even Shabby Chic.

Metal has a place in almost any style of decorating whether it is sleek and smooth as found in modern design, or shiny and opulent as in Art Deco design, or it can even be rough and rustic as found in Mediterranean and Tuscan design. Just hanging a piece of wrought iron on the wall immediately brings Tuscan design to mind.

Glamor Has Holding Power
This past year saw a lot of glamor in room designs. Bobby Haines introduced glamor in the 1930s by mixing styles at the Hollywood Regency, and this aesthetic is very much in style at the moment. Using simplicity in the actual room design and then filling the room with luscious fabrics and an eclectic mix of styles are the building blocks of this of glamorous look.

The Three Rs of Design
The three Rs of decorating are not only here to stay, but they will be gaining momentum as time moves forward. Recycle, Reuse and Re-purpose are all guiding principles in decorating today. This year has seen everything from bamboo floors, grass rugs and re-purposed furniture that normally would have become landfill. Consumers are willing to exert the energy to help save the planet by incorporating the three R’s into their room designs.

More Color
This past year has also been a great year for color. This year’s colors are sophisticated and lively like fuchsia, lavender and green. Cool grey and deep blue are also very popular choices this year as are neutrals like bisque and spice. This year’s trend is to work with a neutral background and add pops of lively color to add an accent to the room design. Colors like mustard yellow, which in a large quantity would be overpowering, are being use as very effective color splashes against neutral backdrops.

Wall Power
Gaining in popularity this year are wall murals. While many do it yourself designers are reluctant to take on a mural project, the new wall decals that are available at design stores, has made adding an interesting and professional looking wall mural to your room quite doable for most people. Adding a mural to a wall and topping it off with a piece of metal wall art creates a focal wall that is sure to impress.

Wood Remains
The organic quality of wood has universal appeal. The material is versatile, and it can be fashioned into virtually any style from rustic to ultra sleek. There is no doubt that wood will remain a popular design choice for many years to come.

With special attention to the needs of do it yourself, Andrew Johnson writes regularly for, offering unique ideas and illustrations on design with metal wall hangings, as it related to wood wall sculptures.