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Three Benefits You Can Enjoy with Resume Writing Books

As you undertake your own resume writing project, you may find yourself turning to several different resources for help. Career counselors, peers, and mentors are all sure to offer their advice to help you along the path to your new job or career. An often-overlooked resource that you will want to consider, however, are resume books.

Resume writing books can be a huge help as you strive to create a document that is an accurate and positive representation of you and your work experience. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or an upper-level management position, you can be confident that referring to a book or two will help you in your search. In fact, you will probably find some very specific benefits to turning to books for help with your resume.

You can use a book at any time. Have you ever tried to schedule an appointment in a career counselor’s office? Those offices can be busy places. If you opt to turn to a friend or colleague for help, you will find yourself subjected to his schedule. Using a reference book to help you, however, allows you a certain amount of freedom. You can fit your work into any time slot that suits your life; your book will be ready and waiting for you.

You can get specific advice about many different types of resumes. Although a friend may sympathize with your search for a new job in the legal profession, unless he happens to work in the same profession, he will not be able to give you valid advice about your job search. You can be certain, however, that your local bookstore will have plenty of books that cater to your profession.

Books make catching up on current trends in the job market much easier. Resume writing can change over the years. The words and phrases that employers looked for when you landed your last may not be the same as the words and phrases that employers look for now. A quick review of a book or two, however, can help you update your application to reflect current employer desires.

Pouring through examples during your resume writing endeavor won’t guarantee that your resume meets all the requirements of prospective employers. The time you spend researching will, however, ensure that you weigh all of the factors you should as you compose your application. By Holly Wright