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Three Kinds Of Managed IT Hosting Services

Companies soon find that managed IT hosting services provide more than database management. The service provider can really assist companies in many different ways. Cloud databases and collocation services, as well as dedicated managed hosting are three options. A more in-depth look at the services provided by these IT tech companies is necessary before choosing just one.

Virtual services are important for flexibility. Setting up virtual hosting is becoming a popular move of the day. Consider outsourcing that cloud database to an IT provider. Cloud computing allows companies to distribute software applications to users at any location and save all of their information in one spot. Many businesses become more efficient as their employees can all login at once to work in a project. The cloud can also be set as private or made public so that anyone can access it through the Internet. Outsourcing a cloud database to a service provider can cost between two hundred and three hundred dollars a month.

Collocation Services are where it’s at in security. A dearth of security or physical space is not a problem for those who outsource their managed IT hosting to service providers. Clients are able to move their server to a secure location where the service provider will maintain it and keep it running for its clients. Those databases and servers are made secure with service providers who specialize in top notch equipment. Depending on your necessary security level and area of space needed, the price can vary from one thousand to several thousand dollars a month. Moving the servers to their new home will also involve an initial fee of about $1000 for small companies.

Making great use of dedicated managed hosting. It is also possible to rent servers and database management from a managed services provider. This will give them access their very own private server that is owned by the service provider. Since they have the private server, the small company will be able to choose their own operating system, extra hardware and other features that meet their needs. When companies don’t want to shell out for brand new servers, the costs of about $1000 a month can seem quite affordable.

Collocation, virtual services and dedicated managed hosting are only three of the most common options from managed IT hosting companies. Although there are several options, small companies will find that each service provider specializes in certain areas. Just be sure to really find out what each company offers in order to find the best one to fit your needs.

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