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Tiles Always Give A Stunning And Luxurious Look

Tiles are manufactured from hard wearing materials which are stone, ceramic, glass, porcelain, mosaics and metal. Tiles are used for different purpose you can use them on roofs, floors, walls, showers and table tops. Some slates are also made of from light materials such as wood, mineral wood and perlite. These tiles are generally used for ceiling and wall purposes. The word tile is derived from the French word tuile. They are mostly made of from porcelain, ceramic, fired clay with a hard shiny surface, but other materials like glass, metal, stone and cork are also common to use. The tiling stones are typically marble, slate, granite and onyx. They are used for the walls are thinner than floor tiles. Floor tiles are thicker and have more durable surfaces. The tiles always give a stunning and luxurious look. They which are used for floors have different colours, designs, sizes and shape. You can choose them according to your choice. Some tiles have a very shiny look which makes your home beautiful. The high quality tiles are expensive. There is a wide range of tiles are available in the market. The floor tiles which are famous for styles and durability are porcelain floor tiles and Ceramic floor tiles.

Stone floor slates give a luxurious feel and it can also be the alternative to the carpet. The maintenance and cleaning of floor tiles are very easy. Now many stain resistant slats and waterproof slates are also available which are perfect for bathrooms, kitchen and even for a swimming pool. You can choose the colour and size of the floor tiles of your own choice. The white black and beige floor tiles give an elegant look. Bathroom slates are also available in different material, size and texture. You can choose the colour of bathroom tiles matching with your room interior. Before choosing the size of bathroom tiles always mind one thing if your bathroom is small choose large size slates and light colours. If your bathroom is small and you choose dark colours it will look more congested. For a small bathroom always choose wall tiles which long drawn which push the ceiling up visually. Most of the slates have creative power in itself. A beautiful designed and perfectly polished tile can enhance your room beauty twice. The colour of tiles must be matched with your rest of the home interior. Roof slates are also very popular and these are used to keep rain out. The roof slates are usually made from slate or clay. These materials are locally available. The modern material used for roof tiles are plastic and concrete. The clay tiles have usually a waterproof glaze.

There are various shapes and designs available in roof tiles which are flat tiles, Imbrex and tegula, Roman tiles, Pantile, barrel tiles and interlocking roof tiles. The simple type of roof tiles is flat tiles which are laid in usually overlapping rows. Flat roof tiles are manufactured by clay, stone, wood, plastic, concrete or solar cells. The Imbrex and tegula roof tiles have an antique Roman design of curves and flat tiles. The Roman tiles are usually flat in the middle along a concave curve at one end and convex curve is at the other end. Pantiles roof tiles have generally S-shaped profile. These tiles are usually interlocked with adjacent tiles. The barrel tiles are usually made from clay, metal concrete or plastic. Interlocking roof tiles have same like pantile roof tiles. These are used to improve the protection from water and wind. Ceramic tile does not have any stuff which is harmful to the health. The ceramic tiles can also prevent the formation in rooms which high humid temperature. Ceramic tiles are ideal for use in bathroom, kitchens and toilets. High quality tiles are expensive and if you look they will stay always shiny then clean them regularly. If oil, grease or paint is dropped on the tiles clean it quickly to reduce the effects of stains. It is also recommended using some cleaning agent in floor cleaning water for regular maintenance care.

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