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Timeless Style in Living Room Furniture

The furniture in our home says a lot about who we are. Whether you call it the living room, sitting room, lounge, or the front room, this is most likely the room a family uses the most, and gathers together to watch television or visit with friends, relatives, and neighbours.

The many styles of living room furniture available offer many options when shopping. Many people consider furniture to be a form of actual decorative art, and more than just something to sit on or put ones’ feet on.

Many of us started out with ‘hand-me-downs’ from our parents to get started. Their taste in home furnishings may be different from ours so we will most likely want to replace the donations as soon as financially possible. Buying furnishings for the home should be well thought-out, because this is an investment that will last for many years.

Among the many different styles and designs of home furnishings are antique, Oriental, modern, casual, contemporary, or traditional. The choices in fabrics and woods involved in the manufacture of furniture are vast. Colour also plays an important part in the decision making process.
As the living room is usually the first room people see when they enter your home, this is an important room to decorate and display your taste in furnishings.

Many people decorate their formal living room with furnishings that are aesthetically appealing but not necessarily comfortable to lounge in. It depends on what you want this room to say about you.
Among the popular woods that go into the manufacture of fine furniture are oak, pine, cedar, cherry, and hardwoods. Each has its own benefit and appeal, mostly depending on the colour of the wood and how easy it can be worked with. Oak, for instance, is a very hard wood and difficult to carve designs into.

Plastics are found in many pieces of living room furniture today, they can be moulded into most any shape and colour, mostly to create a more modern design of furnishings.

Picking out the right pieces of matching furniture includes choosing a sofa or couch that fits the room you are selecting it for. A large three piece or more sectional may not be the best choice for a smaller room. The average sofa is five to six feet long and many of them have a reclining option on one or both ends, enabling the user to lean back and put their feet up.

Choosing an arm chair or two to match the sofa will be the next step. They should be of the same style but not necessarily match in colour. Again, there should be room enough in that living room to accommodate the size pieces you wish to purchase.

A coffee table and matching end tables can be of the same style of furniture and same colour as the wood trim on the sofa and chairs (if applicable) and this pretty much rounds out the living room furniture most homes have. Bookshelves, ottomans that match the chairs, additional chairs, and curio cabinets complete the typical living space.

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