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Top 5 Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

Many people decorate it with an ocean theme and it brings you to an instant-vacation destination – but the best part is that you don’t pay any airfare at all for all that relaxation.
1. Relaaaax
Many times sunrooms center around natural themes and elements like sun (obviously), water, and plants. I think this is what makes it an inherently calm place to be. It’s what makes most people instantly relax when they enter the space, because the serenity is all-encompassing and contagious. Who couldn’t use more relaxation in their life anyway? Relaxing is proven to lower high blood pressure, lessen frequency of headaches and stimulates the good brain chemicals that make us happier. If you’re too happy and relaxed you can stop reading here. If not, continue on.

2. Miss Scarlet in the conservatory
Along with the nature theme, a sunroom is a great place to grow and keep small waterfalls, plants and flowers, should that be your cup of tea. Since it’s a naturally warm and sunny place, a sunroom can be an oasis of all your favorite things and your plants’ favorite things – sun and water.

Plants look great in a conservatory but also outside the windows to brighten up your home and keep bees, birds and other animals buzzing around your home throughout the year. For added nature watching, use plants that bloom at different points in the year. This way there’s always something for you (and area animals) to enjoy.

A conservatory can be a great place to unwind after a long day or when you just feel like you need a warm embrace from Mother Nature. It can be a meditative place to unwind with a mug of tea and a magazine, or maybe when you just need somewhere to think.

3. Entertaining value
A sunroom can be a wonderful place to entertain guests because of the relaxing ambiance it gives off. Whether friends are over for drinks or you’re having an informal meeting, sunrooms can be a great place to entertain guests. The sunroom’s natural beauty can be enhanced by a tabletop water fountain and a vase full of flowers for an even more elegant look. Your guests will leave your house more relaxed and feeling like they went on vacation too, after spending some time with you in your sunroom.

4. More space
Who couldn’t use more space in their home with all the stuff we seem to accumulate over the years? Sunrooms are a great way to get valuable living space added to your home, whether you use it as a three-season sunroom or four-season sunroom. This terminology refers to the fact that you can use the room for 3 or 4 seasons of the year, depending on what kind of climate you live in.

Homeowners in warmer climates can usually get the most bang for their buck with a four-season sunroom because they can use it year-round. Those living in more temperature environments may get more efficient use out of a three-season sunroom if the winter season is particularly cold and heating it doesn’t make financial sense.

5. Value added to your home
Particularly in this “down” home real estate market, adding value to your home can benefit you later – especially if you’re planning on staying in your house for the long-term.

Many homebuyers see added value in homes with a sunroom because it adds function and they know they may recoup some of the cost when they sell the home too. Plus, if you get a homebuyer who just loves your sunroom, you may be able to ask for more money when selling your home, which could mean more money in your wallet.

These are just a few reasons adding a sunroom to your home is a good idea and there are many more.

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Marianne Snyder writes about home improvement topics like basement finishing, basement waterproofing, home energy audits and more.