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Trends for Solution Crystallization in the Chemical Application

What is solution Crystallization?
Solution crystallization process by changing operation conditions or to add substances to ensure systemic crystal is the key component of the solubility. Compared to distillation, extraction separation of mature, crystal unit operation of this ancient and complex factors as the process of testing means and methods of the limitations of nucleation and crystal growth theory has been extremely slow, severely restricted the crystallization the practical application of technology, and industrial applications, the huge demand on the development of the crystallization process theory provides a powerful driving force. This paper focuses on the solution crystallization in industrial production applications and development trend.

How to apply solution crystallization process in the chemical synthesis?
Conventional purity (industrial pure) single-alkyl phosphate production of these products, although the lower production costs, but because of high impurity content, especially the residual acid and high alcohol content, can not fully meet the superior grade cosmetics, skin care products special requirements, mass fraction> 90% of the single-dodecyl phosphate still rely on imports. The solution crystallization purification monoalkyl phosphate ester, octane as the solvent, with crystallization from the crude lauryl phosphate in the purified single-dodecyl phosphate, discussed the final crystallization temperature, crystallization time, solvent and solute mass ratio of dodecyl phosphate single crystal yield and quality scores, phosphate content, 12 mass fraction of alcohol, with octane as solvent crystallization method used, purified from crude phosphate are w (monoalkyl phosphate) more than 97% of the suitable conditions were: mass ratio of solute and solvent 3:315, the final crystallization temperature 15 degree, the crystallization time of 120 min. Confirmed in the domestic and international literature on the solution crystallization purification no single phosphates reported.

In order to develop eutectic composition of musk ketone, musk xylene mixture solution crystallization of a new process, calculated musk ketone, musk xylene, and solvent ternary phase diagram. On the basis of the musk mixture solution crystallization separation method, proposed rotation acetonitrile and heptane from the eutectic mixture composed of musk,

Rating isolated two kinds of cooling crystallization process of the product. Ternary phase diagram obtained by the theory of production and to test verification, the results show that the crystalline purity of the acetonitrile level was 97.5% of musk xylene, heptane added after the second crystal purity of musk ketone 98.1%.

Functionalization of carbon nanotubes at present mainly two kinds of chemical modification and physical modification, chemical modification method is the functional group received the direct bond or a carbon tube carbon tube surface, the surface defect sites, but also by in situ polymerization reflected in the surface of carbon nanotubes coated polymer films, polymer coated carbon nanotubes with different number of research groups have been conducting. A large number of reports by Bingel reaction, nitrogen Bin reaction, carbene (carbon-ene) reaction and the free radical addition reaction of the carbon nanotubes directly grafted onto the wall a greater number of active groups.

How to promote the application of chemical synthesis of solution crystallization method?

Ultrasound can greatly facilitate the crystallization process of the many solutions, but the specific mechanism is still unclear. Mainly due to the crystallization solution is complex, difficult to use a simple equation to accurately describe. However, the neural network has a high degree of nonlinear global role; it reflects the specific interactions among factors and impact of relationships, which can be achieved from the input state to output state space of nonlinear mapping.

Malinda Chen on the solubility of sodium sulfate solution and the induction period of the measurements show that the solubility of sodium sulfate and temperature changes have a special relationship, which began its solubility increases with increasing temperature, through the turning point after 34 degree, but with the temperature rises. Under the same conditions, sodium ultrasonic crystallization time are shorter than the crystallization under stirring time, the ultrasonic wave in a two-stage process for the crystallization of sodium sulfate.

Solution crystallization using chemicals from the crude preparation of high quality products, improve product quality and increasing industrial production efficiency. Meanwhile, the ultrasound can greatly promote the crystallization process of the many solutions that can improve the solution crystallization process in the efficiency of chemical synthesis.

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